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Google Storage
""Google Cloud Storage logo.png
Type of site
"File hosting service
Available in "English
Owner "Google
Website cloud.google.com/storage/
Registration Required
Launched May 19, 2010; 8 years ago (2010-05-19)
Current status Active

Google Cloud Storage is a "RESTful "online file storage "web service for storing and accessing data on "Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. The service combines the performance and scalability of Google's cloud with advanced security and sharing capabilities. It is an Infrastructure as a Service ("IaaS), comparable to "Amazon S3 online storage service. Contrary to "Google Drive and according to different service specifications, Google Cloud Storage appears to be more suitable for enterprises.[1]



User activation is resourced through the "API Developer Console. Google Account holders must first access the service by logging in and then agreeing to the "Terms of Service, followed by enabling a billing structure.


Google Storage (GS) stores objects (originally limited to 100 GiB, currently up to 5 TiB) that are organized into buckets (as S3 does) identified within each bucket by a unique, user-assigned key. All requests are authorized using an "access control list associated with each bucket and object. Bucket names and keys are chosen so that objects are addressable using HTTP "URLs:


Google Storage offers four storage classes, identical in throughput, latency and durability. The four classes, Multi-Regional Storage, Regional Storage, Nearline Storage, and Coldline Storage, differ in their pricing, minimum storage durations, and availability.[2]


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