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Google for Work
""Google for Work logo 2015.PNG
"Developer(s) "Google Inc.
"Platform "Gmail, "Calendar, "Hangouts, "Drive, "Docs, "Sheets, "Slides, "Google Sites and Vault.
"Type Web productivity tools
"License "Proprietary

Google for Work (also referred to as Google Apps for Work) was a service from "Google that provides customizable enterprise versions of several Google products using a "domain name provided by the customer. It featured several "Web applications with similar functionality to traditional "office suites, including "Gmail, "Hangouts, "Google Calendar, Google Drives Drive, "Docs, "Sheets, "Slides, "Groups, "News, "Play, "Sites, and Vault. It was the vision of "Rajen Sheth, a Google employee who later developed Chromebooks.[1]

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