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HOTO Tower

HOTO Business Tower is a modern business building in "Zagreb, "Croatia. It was built in 2004 as the first skyscraper after the "Croatian War of Independence. It is located to the west of the Savska street, between the "Cibona Tower and "Zagrepčanka. It's about 64.5 m high and it has 17 levels above ground and 4 levels underground. With a NLA of app. 15.400 m², and 250 parking lots in the underground garage, it is one of the biggest business towers in Zagreb.

The tower was housing the offices of "T-Hrvatski Telekom, the Croatian branch of "T-com, for about 10 years. The building was acquired by the SIGNA Property Funds in 2007. Today it is the modern office building, available for lease of modern and representative A - class office spaces in the near proximity to the very center of Zagreb.

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"Coordinates: 45°48′07″N 15°57′50″E / 45.80194°N 15.96389°E / 45.80194; 15.96389

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