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Harlow Giles Unger (born August 3, 1931) is an author and historian who has experience as a journalist, broadcaster, and educator,[1][2] having written the three-volume Encyclopedia of American Education.

Unger is a former Distinguished Visiting Fellow in American History at Mount Vernon (2008), and as of 2015 he had written twenty-five books, including ten biographies of America's "founding fathers[3] as well as a biography of statesman "Henry Clay.[4]

Prior to becoming a biographer, Unger was a journalist for the "New York Herald Tribune Overseas News Service in "Paris, and later worked in both "Britain and "Canada.[5] From newspaper journalism, he went into a career that combined radio work with academics, becoming an on-air commentator in New York for the "Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and an adjunct associate professor of English and journalism at two New York-area colleges.[6]

He has a B.A. from "Yale University[7] and an M.A. from "California State University.





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