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In "Greek mythology, Harpina["pronunciation?] ("Greek Άρπινα) was a "Naiad "nymph and daughter of Phliasian "Asopus and of "Metope. Pausanias (5.22.6) and Diodorus Siculus (4.73.1) mention Harpina and state that, according to the tradition of the "Eleans and "Phliasians, "Ares mated with her in the city of "Pisa (located in the ancient Greek region of "Elis) and she bore him "Oenomaus, the king of Pisa. Oenomaus (6.21.8) founded and named after his mother the city of "Harpina, not far from the river Harpinates, near "Olympia. Pausanias (5.22.6) mentions Harpina in his description of a group sculpture, donated by the Phliasians, of the daughters of "Asopus, which included "Nemea, "Zeus seizing "Aegina, Harpina, "Corcyra, "Thebe and Asopus. The sculpture was located in the sanctuary of "Hippodamia at "Olympia.


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