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Heart River
""Heart River.jpg
The Heart River near "Mandan, North Dakota in 1949.
Country "United States
State "North Dakota
 - left "Green River, "Missouri River
Source Near Saddle Butte
 - location "Belfield, "Billings County
 - elevation 2,740 ft (835 m)
 - coordinates 46°56′13″N 103°13′49″W / 46.93694°N 103.23028°W / 46.93694; -103.23028 [1]
Mouth "Missouri River
 - location "Bismarck, "Morton County
 - elevation 1,624 ft (495 m)
 - coordinates 46°46′03″N 100°50′31″W / 46.76750°N 100.84194°W / 46.76750; -100.84194"Coordinates: 46°46′03″N 100°50′31″W / 46.76750°N 100.84194°W / 46.76750; -100.84194 [1]
Length 180 mi (290 km)
Basin 3,370 sq mi (8,728 km2) [2]
Discharge for "Mandan, about 3 mi (4.8 km) above the mouth
 - average 269 cu ft/s (8 m3/s) [3]
 - max 30,500 cu ft/s (864 m3/s)
 - min 0 cu ft/s (0 m3/s)
""Wpdms nasa topo heart river.jpg
A map of the "Missouri River "watershed, highlighting the Heart River.

The Heart River is a tributary of the "Missouri River, approximately 180 mi (290 km) long, in western "North Dakota in the "United States.



The Heart River rises in the "prairie country of "Billings County, in the "Little Missouri National Grassland near the south unit of "Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It flows generally eastwardly through "Stark County to "Gladstone, past "Belfield and "South Heart, through the "Patterson Reservoir and past "Dickinson.

It is joined by the "Green River at Gladstone, and turns east-southeastward into "Grant County, passing through "Lake Tschida, which is formed by the "Heart Butte Dam. Below this dam, the river turns northeastward into "Morton County, where it joins the Missouri at "Mandan.

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