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The Hema, or Hima or Huma, are an ethnic group with about 160,000 members located in the eastern "Democratic Republic of the Congo, in particular the "Ituri region and "Orientale Province, as well as parts of "Uganda and "Rwanda. The Hema are "pastoralists and the preferential treatment given to them by Ugandan officials is blamed for igniting the recent "Ituri conflict.["citation needed]

The northern Hema speak "Lendu, the "Nilo-Saharan language of the neighbouring "Lendu people. The southern Hema still speak "Hema, a "Bantu language, and the closely related Hema dialect of "Nyankore of western Uganda. Languages which are also related are such languages as Lunyoro, "Luganda and "Lusoga. Most Hema are "Christians.[1]

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