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Homogenic Live
""Homogenic Live CD cover.jpg
"Live album by "Björk
Released 1 June 2004 (2004-06-01)
Recorded 1997-1998
"Genre "Electronica
Length 68:58
"Label "One Little Indian
"Producer Various
"Björk chronology
"Post Live
(2004)"Post Live2004
Homogenic Live
"Vespertine Live
(2004)"Vespertine Live2004

Homogenic Live is a "live album by "Icelandic singer "Björk, collecting her favorite performances from her 1997-99 "Homogenic Tour. It was Björk’s first tour to have soundboard recordings and thus the first of her live CDs to feature a wide variety of performances taken from different dates and venues throughout a single tour. Originally released in the 5 disc "Live Box set in 2003, Homogenic Live was later released separately on 1 June 2004 by "One Little Indian records.



Björk did not have soundboard recordings for her first two concert tours. When compiling material for those tours’ corresponding live albums,[1] she had to use audio taken from pre-mixed videotaped performances.

Beginning with the "Homogenic Tour, she began collecting soundboard recordings with each section of her touring band miced separately. During the Homogenic Tour, several microphones captured the Icelandic String Octet (as evidenced on the concert film, "Live in Cambridge) while Mark Bell’s electronic equipment was fed directly into the mixer. This recording technique allows for a greater clarity of sound and a certain deal of control in the mixing process, allowing the audio technician to raise or lower the different elements, be they the performer’s vocals, the different sections of the touring band or even the crowd. Homogenic Live is Björk’s first live album to be mixed in such a way.


Critics praised Homogenic Live. Comparing it to Björk’s previous live albums, Scott Plagenhoef for "Pitchfork complimented the stripped down strings and electronics setting, saying it “could have left (Björk) potentially vulnerable, but she fills the empty space with the full force of her voice… In the end, the renditions seem more assured and well-conceived…” than on both "Debut and "Post Live.[2] "AllMusic wrote that “the relatively spare instrumentation allows Björk to take her songs down slightly different paths while retaining the heart of the studio recordings” and that “Björk’s voice shines throughout.”[2] "PopMatters criticized the slew of releases Björk was putting out at the time but agreed that the live album was a historical record "of the beauty and majesty of Björk’s voice and her compositions," while ultimately concluding that as a companion project to its "landmark" parent album "Homogenic, it "failed to offer any new insights into the inner workings of Björk and her live experience."[3]

Track list[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Recorded[4] Length
1. ""Vísur Vatnsenda-Rósu"
"Cambridge, 2 December 1998 1:52
2. ""Hunter" "Paris, 6 June 1998 4:17
3. "You've Been Flirting Again"
  • Björk
"Washington, 15 May 1998 3:34
4. ""Isobel" "Prague, 13 June 1998 4:55
5. ""All Neon Like"
  • Björk
"Spain, 9 August 1998 4:56
6. ""Possibly Maybe"
  • Björk
Spain, 9 August 1998 5:43
7. "5 Years"
  • Björk
"London, 17 September 1997 4:09
8. "Come to Me"
  • Björk
Prague, 13 June 1998 4:20
9. "Immature"
  • Björk
"Tourhout, 4 June 1998 2:59
10. "I Go Humble"
"Vienna, 14 June 1998 4:24
11. ""Bachelorette"
  • Björk
  • Sjón
"Later with Jools Holland, 29 November 1997 5:17
12. ""Human Behaviour"
  • Björk
  • Hooper
"Montreux, 10 June 1998 3:52
13. ""Pluto"
  • Björk
  • Bell
Prague, 13 June 1998 3:55
14. ""Jóga"
  • Björk
  • Sjón
Later with Jools Holland, 29 November 1997 4:25
15. "So Broken"
  • Björk
Later with Jools Holland, 16 October 1998 4:27
16. ""The Anchor Song"
  • Björk
Cambridge, 2 December 1998 5:53
Total length: 68:58


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