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Provincia Honorias
Province of the "Diocese of the East, "Byzantine Empire
c.380–7th century
Capital "Claudiopolis
Historical era "Late Antiquity
 •  "division of the Roman Empire c.380
 •  Disestablished 7th century
Today part of  "Turkey

Honorias ("Greek: Ὁνωριάς) was a late "Roman "province encompassing parts of "Bithynia and "Paphlagonia in "Asia Minor (modern Asian "Turkey).

Its capital was Claudiopolis (modern "Bolu), and its governor held the modest rank of "praeses.


The province was established under "Theodosius I and named after his younger son "Honorius. It formed part of the "Diocese of Pontus, bordering with Bithynia in the west, "Galatia Prima in the south and Paphlagonia in the east.

In the administrative reforms of Emperor "Justinian I, the province was united with that of Paphlagonia and formed a new province of Paphlagonia, under a governor styled "praetor Iustinianus.

Aside from the capital Claudiopolis, the major cities and episcopal seats of the province listed in the "Synecdemus were "Prusias and "Tium.


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