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ISO-8859-8-I is the "IANA "charset name for the character encoding "ISO/IEC 8859-8 used together with the control codes from "ISO/IEC 6429 for the C0 (00–1F "hex) and C1 (80–9F) parts. The characters are in logical order.

Escape sequences (from ISO/IEC 6429 or "ISO/IEC 2022) are not to be interpreted. Most applications only interpret the control codes for "LF, "CR, and "HT. A few applications also interpret "VT, "FF, and "NEL (in C1). Very few applications interpret the other "C0 and C1 control codes.

"ISO-8859-8 is sometimes in logical order ("HTML, "XML), and sometimes in visual (left-to-right) order (plain text without any markup).

Logical order for this charset requires "bidi processing for display.

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