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ISO/PAS 28000:2007 (Specification for security management systems for the supply chain) is an "International Organization for Standardization publicly available specification on requirements of a security management system particularly dealing with security "assurance in the supply chain.



ISO 28000:2007 was developed to codify operations of security within the broader supply chain management system. The "PDCA management systems structure was adopted in developing ISO 28000:2007 to bring the elements of this standard in congruence with related standards such as "ISO 9001:2000 and "ISO 14001:2004.[1][2]

Improved risk management integration[edit]

The development of an international standard addressing security risk management improves the broader interface with existing "enterprise risk management in a common integrated platform. This integrated approach to risk management is often employed to better coordinate cross functional risk management mechanisms, improve performance measurement, ensure continual improvement and reducing misalignment of risk management objectives between silos.[3]


ISO 28000:2007 was developed such that organizations of varying scale could apply the standard to supply chains of various degrees of complexity.

The general rational for organizations to adopt ISO 28000:2007 pertains to:


Adopting the ISO 28000 has broad strategic, organisational and operational benefits that are realized throughout supply chains and business practices.[4]

Benefits include, but are not limited to:


ISO 28000:2007 is a certifiable standard.[5]

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