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ISO 31 ("Quantities and "units, "International Organization for Standardization, 1992) is a deprecated international standard for the use of "physical quantities and units of "measurement, and formulas involving them, in scientific and educational documents.["citation needed] It is superseded by "ISO/IEC 80000.



The standard comes in 14 parts:

A second international standard on quantities and units was "IEC 60027["citation needed]. The ISO 31 and IEC 60027 Standards were revised by the two standardization organizations in collaboration ([1], [2]) to integrate both standards into a joint standard "ISO/IEC 80000 - Quantities and Units in which the quantities and equations used with SI are to be referred as the International System of Quantities (ISQ). ISO/IEC 80000 supersedes both ISO 31 and part of IEC 60027.

Coined words[edit]

"ISO 31-0 introduced several new words into the "English language that are direct spelling-"calques from the "French.[1] The intention was that these words be used in scientific papers for the sake of convenience and clarity.

New phrase Existing phrase Technical meaning
massic <quantity> specific <quantity> a quantity divided by its associated mass
volumic <quantity> [volumic] <quantity> density a quantity divided by its associated volume
areic <quantity> surface <quantity> density a quantity divided by its associated area
lineic <quantity> linear <quantity> density a quantity divided by its associated length

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