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ISO 3166-2 is part of the "ISO 3166 "standard published by the "International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and defines "codes for identifying the principal "subdivisions (e.g., "provinces or "states) of all "countries coded in "ISO 3166-1. The official name of the standard is Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 2: Country subdivision code. It was first published in 1998.

The purpose of ISO 3166-2 is to establish an international standard of short and unique alphanumeric codes to represent the relevant "administrative divisions and "dependent territories of all countries in a more convenient and less ambiguous form than their full names. Each complete ISO 3166-2 code consists of two parts, separated by a hyphen:[1]

Each complete ISO 3166-2 code can then be used to uniquely identify a country subdivision in a global context.

Currently more than 4000 codes are defined in ISO 3166-2. For some countries, codes are defined for more than one level of subdivisions.


Current codes[edit]

The following table can be used to access the current ISO 3166-2 codes of each country, and comprises three columns:

(click to view codes)
Country name Subdivisions assigned codes["citation needed]
"AD "Andorra "7 parishes
"AE "United Arab Emirates "7 emirates
"AF "Afghanistan "34 provinces
"AG "Antigua and Barbuda "6 parishes
2 dependencies
"AI "Anguilla
"AL "Albania "12 counties
"AM "Armenia "1 city
10 regions
"AO "Angola "18 provinces
"AQ "Antarctica
"AR "Argentina "1 city
23 provinces
"AS "American Samoa
"AT "Austria "9 states
"AU "Australia "6 states
2 territories
"AW "Aruba
"AX "Åland Islands
"AZ "Azerbaijan "1 autonomous republic
11 municipalities
66 rayons
"BA "Bosnia and Herzegovina "2 entities
1 district with special status
"BB "Barbados "11 parishes
"BD "Bangladesh "8 divisions
"64 districts
"BE "Belgium "3 regions
"10 provinces
"BF "Burkina Faso "13 regions
"45 provinces
"BG "Bulgaria "28 regions
"BH "Bahrain "4 governorates
"BI "Burundi "18 provinces
"BJ "Benin "12 departments
"BL "Saint Barthélemy
"BM "Bermuda
"BN "Brunei Darussalam "4 districts
"BO "Bolivia, Plurinational State of "9 departments
"BQ "Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba "3 special municipalities
"BR "Brazil "1 federal district
26 states
"BS "Bahamas "31 districts
"BT "Bhutan "20 districts
"BV "Bouvet Island
"BW "Botswana "10 districts
4 towns
2 cities
"BY "Belarus "6 oblasts
1 city
"BZ "Belize "6 districts
"CA "Canada "10 provinces
3 territories
"CC "Cocos (Keeling) Islands
"CD "Congo, the Democratic Republic of the "1 city
10 provinces
"CF "Central African Republic "1 commune
14 prefectures
2 economic prefectures
"CG "Congo "12 departments
"CH "Switzerland "26 cantons
"CI "Côte d'Ivoire "12 districts
2 autonomous districts
"CK "Cook Islands
"CL "Chile "15 regions
"CM "Cameroon "10 regions
"CN "China "4 municipalities
23 provinces
5 autonomous regions
2 special administrative regions
"CO "Colombia "1 capital district
32 departments
"CR "Costa Rica "7 provinces
"CU "Cuba "15 provinces
1 special municipality
"CV "Cabo Verde 2 geographical regions
"22 municipalities
"CW "Curaçao
"CX "Christmas Island
"CY "Cyprus "6 districts
"CZ "Czechia "14 regions
"91 districts
"DE "Germany "16 Länder
"DJ "Djibouti "5 regions
1 city
"DK "Denmark "5 regions
"DM "Dominica "10 parishes
"DO "Dominican Republic "10 regions
"1 district
31 provinces
"DZ "Algeria "48 provinces
"EC "Ecuador "24 provinces
"EE "Estonia "15 counties
"EG "Egypt "27 governorates
"EH "Western Sahara
"ER "Eritrea "6 regions
"ES "Spain "17 autonomous communities
2 autonomous cities in North Africa

"50 provinces
"ET "Ethiopia "2 administrations
9 states
"FI "Finland "19 regions
"FJ "Fiji "4 divisions
1 dependency

14 provinces
"FK "Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
"FM "Micronesia, Federated States of "4 states
"FO "Faroe Islands
"FR "France "13 metropolitan regions
5 "overseas departments

"96 metropolitan departments
"1 dependency
7 overseas territorial collectivities
"GA "Gabon "9 provinces
"GB "United Kingdom "3 countries
1 province

3 nations
"78 unitary authorities
"27 two-tier counties
"32 London boroughs
"1 city corporation
"36 metropolitan districts
"11 districts
"32 council areas
"GD "Grenada "6 parishes
1 dependency
"GE "Georgia "2 autonomous republics
1 city
9 regions
"GF "French Guiana
"GG "Guernsey
"GH "Ghana "10 regions
"GI "Gibraltar
"GL "Greenland "4 municipalities
"GM "Gambia "1 city
5 divisions
"GN "Guinea "7 administrative regions
1 governorate

"33 prefectures
"GP "Guadeloupe
"GQ "Equatorial Guinea 2 regions
"7 provinces
"GR "Greece "13 administrative regions
"1 self-governed part
"GS "South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
"GT "Guatemala "22 departments
"GU "Guam
"GW "Guinea-Bissau 3 provinces
"1 autonomous sector
8 regions
"GY "Guyana "10 regions
"HK "Hong Kong
"HM "Heard Island and McDonald Islands
"HN "Honduras "18 departments
"HR "Croatia "1 city
20 counties
"HT "Haiti "10 departments
"HU "Hungary "1 capital city
19 counties
23 cities of county right
"ID "Indonesia 7 geographical units
"1 autonomous province
31 provinces
1 special district
1 special region
"IE "Ireland "4 provinces
"26 counties
"IL "Israel "6 districts
"IM "Isle of Man
"IN "India "29 states
7 union territories
"IO "British Indian Ocean Territory
"IQ "Iraq "18 governorates
"IR "Iran, Islamic Republic of "31 provinces
"IS "Iceland "8 regions
"IT "Italy "20 regions
"110 provinces
"JE "Jersey
"JM "Jamaica "14 parishes
"JO "Jordan "12 governorates
"JP "Japan "47 prefectures
"KE "Kenya "47 counties
"KG "Kyrgyzstan "2 cities
7 regions
"KH "Cambodia "1 autonomous municipality
24 provinces
"KI "Kiribati "3 groups of islands
"KM "Comoros "3 islands
"KN "Saint Kitts and Nevis 2 states
"14 parishes
"KP "Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of) "1 capital city
1 special city
9 provinces
"KR "Korea (the Republic of) "6 metropolitan cities
1 special city
1 special self-governing city
8 provinces
1 special self-governing province
"KW "Kuwait "6 governorates
"KY "Cayman Islands
"KZ "Kazakhstan "2 cities
14 regions
"LA "Lao People's Democratic Republic "1 prefecture
17 provinces
"LB "Lebanon "8 governorates
"LC "Saint Lucia "10 districts
"LI "Liechtenstein "11 communes
"LK "Sri Lanka "9 provinces
"25 districts
"LR "Liberia "15 counties
"LS "Lesotho "10 districts
"LT "Lithuania "10 counties
"9 municipalities
7 city municipalities
44 district municipalities
"LU "Luxembourg "12 cantons
"LV "Latvia "110 municipalities
9 republican cities
"LY "Libya "22 popularates
"MA "Morocco "16 regions
"46 provinces
17 prefectures
"MC "Monaco "17 quarters
"MD "Moldova, Republic of "1 autonomous territorial unit
3 cities
32 districts
1 territorial unit
"ME "Montenegro "23 municipalities
"MF "Saint Martin (French part)
"MG "Madagascar "6 provinces
"MH "Marshall Islands 2 chains of islands
"24 municipalities
"MK "Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of "71 municipalities
"ML "Mali "1 district
8 regions
"MM "Myanmar "7 regions
7 states
1 union territory
"MN "Mongolia "1 capital city
21 provinces
"MO "Macao
"MP "Northern Mariana Islands
"MQ "Martinique
"MR "Mauritania "15 regions
"MS "Montserrat
"MT "Malta "68 local councils
"MU "Mauritius "3 dependencies
"9 districts
5 cities
"MV "Maldives "7 provinces
1 capital
20 administrative atolls
"MW "Malawi "3 regions
"28 districts
"MX "Mexico "31 states
1 federal district
"MY "Malaysia "3 federal territories
13 states
"MZ "Mozambique "1 city
10 provinces
"NA "Namibia "14 regions
"NC "New Caledonia
"NE "Niger "1 urban community
7 departments
"NF "Norfolk Island
"NG "Nigeria "1 capital territory
36 states
"NI "Nicaragua "15 departments
2 autonomous regions
"NL "Netherlands[note 1] "12 provinces
"3 countries
"3 special municipalities
"NO "Norway "19 counties
"2 arctic regions
"NP "Nepal "5 development regions
"14 zones
"NR "Nauru "14 districts
"NU "Niue
"NZ "New Zealand "16 regions
1 special island authority
"OM "Oman "11 governorates
"PA "Panama "10 provinces
3 indigenous regions
"PE "Peru "25 regions
1 municipality
"PF "French Polynesia
"PG "Papua New Guinea "1 district
20 provinces
1 autonomous region
"PH "Philippines "17 regions
"81 provinces
"PK "Pakistan "1 federal capital territory
4 provinces
1 territory
2 Pakistan administered areas
"PL "Poland "16 provinces
"PM "Saint Pierre and Miquelon
"PN "Pitcairn
"PR "Puerto Rico
"PS "Palestine, State of "16 governorates
"PT "Portugal "18 districts
2 autonomous regions
"PW "Palau "16 states
"PY "Paraguay "1 capital
17 departments
"QA "Qatar "8 municipalities
"RE "Réunion
"RO "Romania "41 departments
1 municipality
"RS "Serbia "2 autonomous provinces
"1 city
29 districts
"RU "Russian Federation "21 republics
9 administrative territories
46 administrative regions
2 autonomous cities
1 autonomous region
4 autonomous districts
"RW "Rwanda "1 town council
4 provinces
"SA "Saudi Arabia "13 provinces
"SB "Solomon Islands "1 capital territory
9 provinces
"SC "Seychelles "25 districts
"SD "Sudan "18 states
"SE "Sweden "21 counties
"SG "Singapore "5 districts
"SH "Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha "3 geographical entities
"SI "Slovenia "211 communes
"SJ "Svalbard and Jan Mayen
"SK "Slovakia "8 regions
"SL "Sierra Leone "1 area
3 provinces
"SM "San Marino "9 municipalities
"SN "Senegal "14 regions
"SO "Somalia "18 regions
"SR "Suriname "10 districts
"SS "South Sudan "10 states
"ST "Sao Tome and Principe "2 provinces
"SV "El Salvador "14 departments
"SX "Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
"SY "Syrian Arab Republic "14 provinces
"SZ "Swaziland "4 districts
"TC "Turks and Caicos Islands
"TD "Chad "23 regions
"TF "French Southern Territories
"TG "Togo "5 regions
"TH "Thailand "1 metropolitan administration
1 special administrative city
76 provinces
"TJ "Tajikistan "1 autonomous region
2 regions
1 capital territory
"TK "Tokelau
"TL "Timor-Leste "13 districts
"TM "Turkmenistan "5 regions
1 city
"TN "Tunisia "24 governorates
"TO "Tonga "5 divisions
"TR "Turkey "81 provinces
"TT "Trinidad and Tobago "9 regions
5 municipalities
1 ward
"TV "Tuvalu "1 town council
7 island councils
"TW "Taiwan, Province of China [note 2] "13 counties
3 cities
6 special municipalities
"TZ "Tanzania, United Republic of "30 regions
"UA "Ukraine "24 regions
1 republic
2 cities
"UG "Uganda "4 geographical regions
"111 districts
1 city
"UM "United States Minor Outlying Islands "9 islands, groups of islands
"US "United States "50 states
"1 district
"6 outlying areas
"UY "Uruguay "19 departments
"UZ "Uzbekistan "1 city
12 regions
1 republic
"VA "Holy See (Vatican City State)
"VC "Saint Vincent and the Grenadines "6 parishes
"VE "Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of "1 federal dependency
1 federal district
23 states
"VG "Virgin Islands, British
"VI "Virgin Islands, U.S.
"VN "Viet Nam "58 provinces
5 municipalities
"VU "Vanuatu "6 provinces
"WF "Wallis and Futuna "3 administrative precincts
"WS "Samoa "11 districts
"YE "Yemen "1 municipality
21 governorates
"YT "Mayotte
"ZA "South Africa "9 provinces
"ZM "Zambia "10 provinces
"ZW "Zimbabwe "10 provinces

Subdivisions included in ISO 3166-1[edit]

For the following countries, a number of their subdivisions in ISO 3166-2, most of them "dependent territories, are also officially assigned their own country codes in ISO 3166-1:["citation needed]

Entry Country name Subdivisions included in ISO 3166-1 (alpha-2 code)
"CN "China CN-TW "Taiwan ("TW) [note 2]
CN-HK "Hong Kong ("HK)
CN-MO "Macao ("MO)
"FI "Finland FI-01 "Åland ("AX)
"FR "France FR-BL "Saint Barthélemy ("BL)
FR-GF "French Guiana ("GF)
FR-GP "Guadeloupe ("GP)
FR-MF "Saint Martin ("MF)
FR-MQ "Martinique ("MQ)
FR-NC "New Caledonia ("NC)
FR-PF "French Polynesia ("PF)
FR-PM "Saint Pierre and Miquelon ("PM)
FR-RE "Réunion ("RE)
FR-TF "French Southern Territories ("TF)
FR-WF "Wallis and Futuna ("WF)
FR-YT "Mayotte ("YT)
"NL "Netherlands[note 1] NL-AW "Aruba ("AW)
NL-BQ1 "Bonaire ("BQ) [note 3]
NL-BQ2 "Saba ("BQ) [note 3]
NL-BQ3 "Sint Eustatius ("BQ) [note 3]
NL-CW "Curaçao ("CW)
NL-SX "Sint Maarten ("SX)
"NO "Norway NO-21 "Svalbard ("SJ) [note 4]
NO-22 "Jan Mayen ("SJ) [note 4]
"US "United States US-AS "American Samoa ("AS)
US-GU "Guam ("GU)
US-MP "Northern Mariana Islands ("MP)
US-PR "Puerto Rico ("PR)
US-UM "United States Minor Outlying Islands ("UM)
US-VI "Virgin Islands, U.S. ("VI)
  1. ^ a b In ISO 3166-1, three countries are listed as subdivisions of the Netherlands. However, the mentioned "Netherlands is a country on its own with the three other countries being its dependent territories. The four countries together constitute the "Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  2. ^ a b "Taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of "its political status within the "United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the "Republic of China instead of the "People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers Taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, Taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China".
  3. ^ a b c Collectively "Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba are officially assigned their own country codes in ISO 3166-1.
  4. ^ a b Collectively "Svalbard and Jan Mayen are officially assigned their own country codes in ISO 3166-1.


The format of the ISO 3166-2 codes is different for each country. The codes may be alphabetic, numeric, or alphanumeric, and they may also be of constant or variable length. The following is a table of the ISO 3166-2 codes of each country (those with codes defined), grouped by their format:["citation needed]

Number of "characters (second part) Alphabetic Numeric Alphanumeric
1 "AR, "BO, "FJ, "GM, "KI, "KM, "LS, "LU, "MG, "SL, "ST, "TG, "TM, "VE
First-level subdivisions only: "BD, "CV, "FR, "GN, "GQ, "GR, "GW, "KN, "MH, "MW, "NZ, "UG
"AT, "GA, "IS, "NE
First-level subdivisions only: "LK, "NP
2 "AE, "AM, "BI, "BJ, "BN, "BQ, "BR, "BS, "BW, "BY, "CA, "CD, "CH, "CL, "CM, "CN, "DE, "DJ, "ER, "ET, "GE, "GH, "GL, "GT, "GY, "HN, "HT, "HU, "ID, "IN, "IQ, "JO, "KW, "LA, "LB, "LR, "LT, "LY, "MC, "MD, "MU, "NA, "NG, "NI, "OM, "PK, "PL, "QA, "SB, "SD, "SH, "SK, "SN, "SO, "SR, "SS, "SV, "SY, "SZ, "TD, "TJ, "TL, "US, "UY, "UZ, "WS, "YE, "ZA, "ZW
First-level subdivisions only: "CZ, "RS
Second-level subdivisions only: "AL, "CV, "GN, "GQ, "GW, "IT, "MW, "NP
"AD, "AG, "BB, "BG, "BH, "CI, "CU, "CY, "DK, "DM, "DO, "DZ, "EE, "FI, "GD, "HR, "IR, "JM, "JP, "KP, "KR, "LC, "LI, "ME, "MK, "MM, "MT, "MY, "NO, "NR, "PT, "RW, "SA, "SC, "SG, "SM, "TN, "TO, "TR, "TZ, "UA, "UM, "VC, "ZM
First-level subdivisions only: "AL, "BF, "IT, "MA, "PH
Second-level subdivisions only: "BA, "BD, "KN, "LK, "RS
"BT, "MV, "VN
Second-level subdivisions only: "FR, "GR
3 "AF, "AO, "BE, "FM, "GB, "KZ, "MX, "PE, "PG, "PS, "TT, "TV, "TW, "VU
First-level subdivisions only: "BA
Second-level subdivisions only: "BF, "MA, "MH, "NZ, "PH
"KE, "PW, "SI
Second-level subdivisions only: "UG
Second-level subdivisions only: "CZ
1 or 2 "CR, "EC, "ES, "IE, "IL, "KG, "RO, "SE "KH "PA, "TH
1 or 3 "MZ "MN "ML
2 or 3 "AU, "AZ, "BZ, "CF, "CO, "RU "LV, "MR, "NL
1, 2, or 3 "EG "CG, "PY


The ISO 3166/MA updates ISO 3166-2 when necessary. Changes in ISO 3166-2 consist mostly of spelling corrections, addition and deletion of subdivisions, and modification of the administrative structure.

ISO used to announce changes in newsletters which updated the currently valid standard, and releasing new editions which comprise a consolidation of newsletter changes. As of July 2013, changes are published in the online catalogue of ISO only and no newsletters are published anymore. Past newsletters remain available on the ISO website.[3]

Edition/Newsletter Date issued Affected entries
ISO 3166-2:1998 1998-12-20 First edition of ISO 3166-2
Newsletter I-1 2000-06-21 "BY, "CA, "DO, "ER, "ES, "IT, "KR, "NG, "PL, "RO, "RU, "TR, "VN, "YU
Newsletter I-2 2002-05-21 "AE, "AL, "AO, "AZ, "BD, "BG, "BJ, "CA, "CD, "CN, "CV, "CZ, "ES, "FR, "GB, "GE, "GN, "GT, "HR, "ID, "IN, "IR, "KZ, "LA, "MA, "MD, "MW, "NI, "PH, "TR, "UZ, "VN
Newsletter I-3 2002-08-20 "AE, "CZ, "IN, "KZ, "MD, "MO, "PS (new entry), "TP (changed to "TL), "UG
Newsletter I-4 2002-12-10 "BI, "CA, "EC, "ES, "ET, "GE, "ID, "IN, "KG, "KH, "KP, "KZ, "LA, "MD, "MU, "RO, "SI, "TJ, "TL, "TM, "TW, "UZ, "VE, "YE
Newsletter I-5 2003-09-05 "BW, "CH, "CZ, "LY, "MY, "SN, "TN, "TZ, "UG, "VE, "YU (changed to "CS)
Newsletter I-6 2004-03-08 "AF, "AL, "AU, "CN, "CO, "ID, "KP, "MA, "TN, "ZA
Newsletter I-7 2005-09-13 "AF, "DJ, "ID, "RU, "SI, "VN
Newsletter I-8 2007-04-17 "AD, "AG, "BB, "BH, "CI, "CS (deleted), "DM, "GB, "GD, "GG (new entry), "IM (new entry), "IR, "IT, "JE (new entry), "KN, "LI, "ME (new entry), "MK, "NR, "PW, "RS (new entry), "RU, "RW, "SB, "SC, "SM, "TD, "TO, "TV, "VC
Newsletter I-9 2007-11-28 "BG, "BL (new entry), "CZ, "FR, "GB, "GE, "LB, "MF (new entry), "MK, "MT, "RU, "SD, "SG, "UG, "ZA
ISO 3166-2:2007 2007-12-13 Second edition of ISO 3166-2 (these changes were not announced in a newsletter)[4]
"BA, "DK, "DO, "EG, "GN, "HT, "KE, "KW, "LC, "LR, "TV, "YE, "ZA
Newsletter II-1 2010-02-03
"AL, "BO, "CZ, "ES, "FR, "GN, "GR, "GW, "ID, "IE, "IT, "KN, "KP, "LK, "MA, "MH, "NP, "RS, "UG, "VE
Newsletter II-2 2010-06-30 "AG, "AR, "BA, "BF, "BI, "BS, "BY, "CF, "CL, "CV, "EC, "EG, "GB, "GL, "HU, "IT, "KE, "KM, "LY, "MD, "MW, "NG, "NZ, "OM, "PA, "PE, "PH, "RU, "SC, "SH, "SI, "SN, "TD, "TM, "YE
Newsletter II-3 2011-12-13
"AF, "AN (deleted), "AW, "AZ, "BD, "BE, "BG, "BQ (new entry), "BS, "CV, "CW (new entry), "DJ, "DK, "ER, "FI, "FR, "GB, "GQ, "HN, "HR, "HT, "ID, "IE, "IN, "JO, "KW, "LS, "LV, "MC, "ME, "MK, "MM, "MV, "NL, "NO, "NP, "NR, "PG, "PK, "PL, "PS, "QA, "SA, "SD, "SE, "SH, "SS (new entry), "SX (new entry), "TL, "TN, "TR, "VN
ISO 3166-2:2013 2013-11-19 Third edition of ISO 3166-2 (changes are published in the online catalogue of ISO only and no newsletters are published anymore)

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Many of the lists below are based on outdated versions of ISO 3166-2 codes. The latest version may be obtained from the ISO 3166/MA.

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