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"ISO 3864 specifies "international standards for "safety symbols. These labels are graphical, to overcome "language barriers.[1] The standard is split into four parts:



These are the colors specified in ISO Standard 3864-4 in "RAL colour standard.[2]

Meaning RAL Name RAL Number RGB Hex[3] Example of Color
Warning Signal Yellow 1003 #F9A800
Prohibition/Fire Equipment Signal Red 3001 #9B2423
Mandatory Signal Blue 5005 #005387
Safe Condition Signal Green 6032 #237F52
Backgrounds and Symbol Signal White 9003 #ECECE7
Symbol Signal Black 9004 #2B2B2C

Related Standards[edit]

The corresponding American standard is "ANSI "Z535, which is incompatible with the ISO standard. ANSI standard ANSI Z535.6-2006 defines an optional accompanying text in one or more languages.

ISO 3864 is extended by "ISO 7010, which provides a set of symbols based on the principles and properties specified in ISO 3864.

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