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Further information: "SRID

The CRS identifier begins with "CRS". There are three styles:

  1. When a registry provides online resolver, CRS<url>
  2. When a registry is offline, CRSregistry:crsid
  3. When the data creator provides full definition of CRS using ISO 19111, CRS<CRSID>

The example of original Annex H always use "CRSWGS_84".



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  2. ^ Probably the intention is that the locale environment should not be overridden.
  3. ^ This is different from SI style guides
  4. ^ Height without CRS identifier was allowed in the first edition, but not today. Ending with longitude is still allowed.
  5. ^ Annex H allows letters N and S as sign characters, but gives no examples.
  6. ^ Annex H allows letters E and W as sign characters, but gives no examples.
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