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"ISO 8000, the global standard for Data Quality and Enterprise Master Data, describes the features and defines the requirements for the Data Quality and Portability of Enterprise Master Data. Master Data is typically "internal" business information about clients, products and operations. The standard is currently under development, but is quickly being adopted by many Fortune 500 corporations and certain public agencies involved in the regulation and supervision of financial markets around the world. ISO 8000 is one of the emerging technology standards that large and complex organizations are turning to in order to improve business processes and control operational costs. The standard will be published as a number of separate documents, which "ISO calls "parts".

ISO 8000 is being developed by "ISO technical committee TC 184, Automation systems and integration, sub-committee SC 4, Industrial data. Like other "ISO and "IEC standards, ISO 8000 is copyrighted and is not freely available.[1]

Published parts[edit]

The following part has already been published:

Further reading[edit]

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