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"i am lonely will anyone speak to me" is the title of a thread that was posted on the "Internet forum of the video "codec downloads site, and had become "the web's top hangout for lonely folk".[1][2] The thread began July 14, 2004; it was the first hit when the phrase "I am lonely" was entered into the "Google "search engine though it has since dropped.

It was featured in the magazines "Wired,[2] "Guardian Unlimited,[3] and "The New Yorker.[4] Bjarne Lundgren, the webmaster of, has stated "Like-minded people tend to flock together and, in this case, Google helped in flocking them together on my site".[2]

Mark Griffiths, a researcher in internet psychology at "Nottingham Trent University in the "UK, also addressed this question, stating: "There are a lot of lonely people out there. Some people rely heavily on technology and end up treating it as an electronic friend, a sounding board—just writing it down can make you feel better... That doesn't change their psychological world at that moment, but creating a kinship with like-minded people can help. You're all in this virtual space together."[2]

Due to its large community, Bjarne created a new forum entitled "A Lonely Life",[5] for the thread's numerous lonely inhabitants to move to. The original thread is now located on's branch site, The Lounge Forums.[6]

As of December 24, 2016, the website the thread is hosted on was shut down and can no longer be accessed. A spiritual successor to the original site called Take Five Forums was formed in May 2015,[7] and is home to many of the members from The Lounge as well as a thread with the same title.[8]

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