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Privately held
Industry "Cloud computing provider, Worldwide Leader in DRaaS, Disaster Recovery as a Service, "Cloud infrastructure, "VMware hosting, "Colocation services, "Disaster recovery, "PCoIP, "Desktop virtualization, "SaaS hosting
Founded 1995
Headquarters 1235 North Loop West - Floor 8
Houston, TX 77008

iland Internet Solutions provides hosted cloud "infrastructure as a service for production business applications, "disaster recovery and "business continuity, testing and development, and "software as a service enablement for independent software vendors. iland also provides traditional "colocation and "hybrid cloud solutions. Founded in 1995, iland provides its services from "high availability hubs specifically designed for cloud infrastructure in "Boston, "Washington D.C., "Houston, "Los Angeles, "Dallas, and "London.[1][2] iland is a Premier-level partner in the "VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP).[3]

Products and services[edit]

iland provides cloud-based "disaster recovery and "business continuity services.[4] Its solution, the iland Continuity Cloud, includes "data replication targets for enterprise data, and standby resources that can be activated during disasters to restore data, application, and business services. Other services include the iland Workforce Cloud that integrates "desktop virtualization with a company's overall "business continuity and "disaster recovery plan, the iland SaaS Cloud that provides a cloud environment specifically for software as a services (SaaS) providers, and the iland Hybrid Cloud that merges virtual cloud and physical "colocated servers for custom enterprise configurations.[5] The iland Enterprise Cloud provides a cloud environment for production business systems and iland Replication-as-a-Service (RaaS) provides a data replication service for "Dell "EqualLogic customers to the iland cloud environment.[6]


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