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Illinois gubernatorial election, 1856
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  ""William.H.Bissel.jpg ""William Alexander Richardson - Brady-Handy.jpg ""BSMorris.jpg
Nominee "William Henry Bissell "William Alexander Richardson "Buckner S. Morris
Party "Republican "Democratic "American
Running mate "John Wood Unknown Unknown
Popular vote 111,466 106,769 19,088
Percentage 46.97% 44.99% 8.04%

Governor before election

"Joel Aldrich Matteson

Elected Governor

"William Henry Bissell

The Illinois gubernatorial election of 1856 was the eleventh election for this office. "Democratic governor "Joel Aldrich Matteson did not seek re-election. Former "Democratic Congressman "William Henry Bissell was nominated by the newly formed "Republican Party at the "Bloomington Convention. Former "Whig Mayor of Chicago "Buckner S. Morris was nominated on the Know-Nothing Party ticket. This was the first election of a "Republican governor in Illinois history. At this time in Illinois history the Lieutenant Governor was elected on a separate ballot from the governor. This would remain the case until the adoption of the 1970 constitution.


1856 gubernatorial election, Illinois
Party Candidate Votes % ±
"Republican "William Henry Bissell 111,466 46.97% +5.21%
"Democratic "William A. Richardson 106,769 44.99% -7.40%
"American "Buckner S. Morris 19,088 8.04% N/A
Majority 16,381 10.62% -68.90%
"Turnout 237,323 100.00%
"Republican gain from "Democratic "Swing


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