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""Official seal of Ilovaisk
Country  "Ukraine
Oblast  "Donetsk Oblast
Population (2016)
 • Total 15,639

Ilovaisk ("Ukrainian: Іловайськ) or ("Russian: Иловайск) is a city in "Khartsyzk municipality, "Donetsk Oblast ("province) of "Ukraine. The city is known as a major regional railroad hub.[1] During the "Battle of Ilovaisk the train station was closed.[2]

Population: 15,639 (2016 est.)[3]; 17,620 (2001).


Battle of Ilovaisk[edit]

Starting in mid-April 2014 "pro-Russian separatists "captured several towns in Donetsk Oblast,[4][5] including Ilovaisk.[6] On 19 August 2014, Ukrainian forces reportedly secured the "city centre from the pro-Russian separatists; fighting for control of other parts of the town continued.[6] The next morning they claimed they had control over one half of the town with the town divided by a railroad line.[7][8] On 21 August heavy fighting for control of the town (according to the "Ukrainian army "in some districts of Ilovaisk", while the separatist claimed they had repelled the Ukrainian attacks and had surrounded a part of the Ukrainian troops) continued.[9][1] Fighting for control of the town continued over the next days.[10][11] The rebels had retaken the city as of September 1.[12]


Native language as of the "Ukrainian Census of 2001:[13]


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"Coordinates: 47°55′34″N 38°11′38″E / 47.926°N 38.194°E / 47.926; 38.194

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