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International Interactive Communications Society (IICS) is a professional trade association for companies and individuals involved in "interactive media. The organization traces its roots to the days of interactive "laser disc production in the "San Francisco Bay Area during the 1980s. Originally the society was proposed as a special interest group of the International Television Association (ITVA), now known as Media Communications Association – International (MCA-I), but the charter members decided to establish the society as an independent entity with different membership requirements for the new interactive and computer based communications. The charter members were composed of equipment vendors, independent producers, training professionals and members of "Apple's IIe computer group, "Sony's "SMC-70 computer & interactive "LaserDisc groups and "Pioneer's interactive Laserdisc groups.

In its heyday the organization had hundreds of members in the San Francisco Bay Area and thousands of members worldwide with chapters in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego, Detroit (Great Lakes).

Charter members[edit]

Tom Wohlmut Original IICS President currently President WMS Media Inc., San Francisco
Debra Wohlmut (Anderson) Founding IICS Vice-President Exec. Producer, Wohlmut Media Services
Vicki Vance Original IICS Secretary/Communications Director Sony and then went on to become Manager of Business Development, Apple Computer: New Media and Entertainment Group
Tom Anderson Original IICS Treasurer/Membership Director
Maria Mancini Original IICS Program Committee
John Ittelson Original IICS Institutes and Workshops Chico State University
Mark Williams Original IICS Institutes and Workshops San Mateo College
Richard Haukom Original IICS Special Projects Director Co-Founder Haukom Associates and now Senior Instructional Technologist at Stanford Graduate School of Business
Kris Koster Original IICS Computer Services Sony
Patrick Ford Original IICS Database System Operator
Jana Rochon Original IICS Original Journal Layout and Design Television Associates and later President of Image Technics Inc. Irving, TX
David Hon Honorary Board
Steve Booth Charter Member Level Three Authoring Systems
Jerry Jackson served on the Executive Board as International Vice President and co-founded the IICS Hollywood Special Interest Group founding partner in Water's Edge Communications
Joe Roizen - Charter Member Telegen (American division of French Videotex company)
Debra Lieberman - Charter Member Institute for Communication Research
Brian Blum - IICS President, 1992 Blum Interactive Media, consulting group in Jerusalem, Israel
Dale Rochon Charter Member Interactive media sales at Television Associates, later led the sales and marketing efforts at two computer/video convergence manufactures and then contributed to the launch of Verizon's FiOS TV, and Arbitron's PPM technology

Pioneering IICS members continue to use the talent and skills in interactive communications developed during their tenure at IICS as interactivity and consumer engagement evolve in the multimedia, streaming media, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and mobile media industries.["who?].


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