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Map of Japanese provinces (1868) with Iwami Province highlighted

Iwami Province (石見国, Iwami-no kuni) was an "old province of "Japan in the area that is today the western part of "Shimane Prefecture.[1] It was sometimes called Sekishū (石州). Iwami bordered "Aki, "Bingo, "Izumo, "Nagato, and "Suō provinces.

In the "Heian era (794-1192) the capital was at modern-day "Hamada. In the "Kamakura era (1192-1333) the "Masuda clan belonged to the "Minamoto clan ("Genji) and conquered Iwami Province.



During the "Muromachi era and "Sengoku Period, the battles were very furious in this area. At first, the Masuda clan was in alliance with the "Ouchi clan in neighboring "Sufu, but later the Masuda clan belonged to the "Mouri clan in neighboring "Aki.

Maps of Japan and Iwami Province were "reformed in the 1870s when the prefecture system was introduced.[2] At the same time, the province continued to exist for some purposes. For example, Iwami is explicitly recognized in treaties in 1894 (a) between Japan and the "United States and (b) between Japan and the "United Kingdom.[3]

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