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Jan Müller
Born December 27, 1922
Hamburg, Germany
Died January 29, 1958
New York City
Occupation Abstract expressionist painter; New York Figurative Expressionist painter.

Jan Müller (December 27, 1922 – January 29, 1958) was a "New York-based "figurative "expressionist artist of the 1950s. According to art critic "Carter Ratcliff,[1] "His paintings usually erect a visual architecture sturdy enough to support an array of standing, riding, levitating figures. Gravity is absent, banished by an indifference to ordinary experience." According to the poet John Ashbery,[2] Müller "brings a medieval sensibility to neo-"Expressionist paintings."



Jan Müller was born on December 27, 1922, in "Hamburg, Germany. In 1933 his family fled the "Nazis to "Prague, and later to Bex-les-Bains, Switzerland;[3] there he experienced the first of several attacks of rheumatic fever. He visited Paris in 1938 and two years later was apprehended and interned in a camp near "Lyon. Shortly after the fall of Paris, Müller was released, at which time he moved to Ornaisons, near "Narbonne. Following an unsuccessful attempt to escape to the United States from "Marseille, he was able to cross the border into Spain in 1941 and proceed via Portugal to New York.

Jan Müller began to study art in 1945.

He became a US citizen in 1957.

Jan Müller died on January 29, 1958, at the age of thirty-six, in New York.

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