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Industry "Cloud computing
Founded 2010; 7 years ago (2010)
Founder Ruslan Synytskyy (CEO)
Constantin Alexandrov
Alexey Skutin
Headquarters "Palo Alto, California
Products Cloud Hosting, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Web Hosting,

Jelastic (short for Java Elastic) is a company that sells "cloud computing services. Originally based in "Ukraine, the company’s headquarters are in "Palo Alto, California.[1]



In 2010, Ruslan Synytskyy, Constantin Alexandrov, and Alexey Skutin founded Hivext Technologies (parent company of Jelastic). The three were working together on a project remotely, on "web hosting and "system administrative tasks. "Runa Capital provided $500,000 in "seed funding.[2] In late 2011, Jelastic announced testing of their service for "Java programming language applications, and opened an office in "Palo Alto, California.[3][4]

Jelastic closed a "venture capital funding round in April 2012 of $2 million from Almaz Capital Partners and Foresight Ventures.[5] In July of that year, Jelastic received a $1 million grant from the Skolkovo Foundation. As part of the grant, Jelastic set up an office in the "Skolkovo Innovation Center in "Moscow.[2] Around this time, the company was often mentioned in lists of Russian start-up companies, such as one by the "Moscow Times,[6][7][1] and by "Oracle Corporation for using Java.[8]

In February 2013, the company added PHP cloud hosting to their service options.[4] In March 2013, Jelastic updated its pricing model: customers get discounts for buying larger blocks of resources and pay only for what they use.[9] It also announced support for "Apache TomEE server software.[10]

In September 2013, Jelastic announced funding from Maxfield Capital.[11][12] At the same time, John E. Derrick became chief executive, replacing founder Synytskyy who became chief technical officer.[13]

In November 2013, Jelastic used the marketing term "platform as infrastructure".[14]

In April 2014, Jelastic released support for OpenShift cartridges. Jelastic released a list of supported cartridges, but also the option for users to build their own[15] In October 2014, Synytsky resumed the position as the CEO.

In March 2015, Jelastic released support for production ready "Docker Containers and ".NET/Windows on top of "Parallels Containers virtualization for Windows applications support.

In June 2015, Jelastic released version 3.3, code name "Trinity" to represent the union of three cloud options (Hybrid, Public and Private), with multi-region support within different data centers and clouds.[16]

In November 2015, Jelastic announced partner "data centers that deploy their software.[17] In the "US by "ServInt, eApps, onTop and, in Latin America by Facilcloud, in "Germany by dogado, in "Finland by Planeetta, in "Brazil by Websolute, Locaweb,[18] and Under,[19] in "Russia, in "Sweden by Elastx, in "Switzerland by Innofield, in "Luxembourg by Telecom Luxembourg, in "France by "Lunacloud, Magic Online and Click&Cloud, in "Ireland by Blacknight Solutions, in "India by EVERDATA, in South Africa by RSAWeb, in "Poland by UniCloud, in "Romania by Star Vault, in "Belarus by MyCloud, in Malaysia by SkaliCloud+, FAST.hit in "Australia,[20] Luxembourg Web Services in "Luxembourg,[21] in the "Netherlands by, MIRhosting, Hostnet and Oxilion, in "Mexico by Servnet, in "Hong Kong by PacHosting,[22] in "Kazakhstan by and in UK by Layershift,[5] Centerprise International and ScaleForce, in Italy by neen, in Spain by Infortelecom[23] and in the Republic of "Moldova by MoldData Cloud.

In January 2016, Jelastic announced version 4.3 with PHP 7 support.[24]


Programming languages supported are "Java, "Ruby, and "Python, along with technologies "PHP, "Node.js, the ".NET Framework, "OpenShift Cartridges and "Docker Containers. It has international hosting partners and "data centers.[25] The company can add "memory, "CPU and disk space to meet customer needs.[9] The main competitors of Jelastic are "Google App Engine, "Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, "Heroku, and "Cloud Foundry.[26] Jelastic is unique in that it does not have limitations or code change requirements, and it offers automated vertical scaling, application lifecycle management, and availability from multiple hosting providers around the world.[27]

In May 2013, Jelastic announced integration with NetBeans IDE.[28] Two weeks later, they launched Jelastic PaaS 1.9.1, which included the latest versions of the software stacks (including PostgreSQL 9.2.4).[29]

Other supported plugins are "IntelliJ IDEA[30] and Eclipse.[31]

August 14, 2013, Jelastic version 1.9.2 was released and included "FTP and "FTPS access to "database servers, the ability to deploy "PHP projects from "GIT repository with submodules/dependencies added and "PHP version 5.5.[32]

September 30, 2013, the Jelastic Mobile App was released and included functions such as viewing and monitoring environments and viewing current status and resource consumption in Jelastic.[33]

In November 2013, Jelastic announced a partnership with "Redhat on "Openshift.[34]

July 2014 opened Marketplace with one-click installations of popular apps[35]

September 2014 added "Node.js support[36]

October 2014 released version 2.5 with multi nodes scaling on all middleware layers, automatic horizontal scaling of app servers, and a complete redesign of the Marketplace[37]

December 2014 announced Docker integration[38]

In March 2015, Jelastic released support for Docker Containers and ".NET/Windows on top of "Parallels Containers virtualization for Windows applications support.[39]

Advisers include the creator of PHP "Rasmus Lerdorf,[40] the father of Java "James Gosling and Brazilian Java programmer "Bruno Souza (programmer),[41] "Serguei Beloussov, the founder of "Parallels, Inc., Soeren von Varchmin and "Mark Zbikowski.[42]

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