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Jeroen Antonius Gerardus Groenendijk (Dutch pronunciation: "[ˈɣrunə(n)dɛik]; born 20 July 1949, "Amsterdam),[1] is a Dutch "logician, "linguist and "philosopher, working on "philosophy of language, "formal semantics, "pragmatics.

Groenendijk wrote a joint "Ph.D. dissertation with "Martin Stokhof on the formal semantics of questions, under the supervision of "Renate Bartsch and "Johan van Benthem. He was also an important figure in the development of "dynamic semantics (together with Stokhof, Veltman and others). His current work is mainly focused on studying and developing the recently founded framework of Inquisitive Semantics.

He is a former director of the "Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the "University of Amsterdam and a member of the group collectively publishing under the "pseudonym "L. T. F. Gamut.[2]


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