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"Prefecture-level city
""Location of Jinchang City jurisdiction in Gansu
Location of Jinchang City jurisdiction in Gansu
Coordinates: 38°29′43″N 102°10′26″E / 38.49528°N 102.17389°E / 38.49528; 102.17389"Coordinates: 38°29′43″N 102°10′26″E / 38.49528°N 102.17389°E / 38.49528; 102.17389
Country People's Republic of China
"Province "Gansu
 • Total 8,896 km2 (3,435 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 464,050
"Time zone "China Standard ("UTC+8)

Jinchang ("Chinese: 金昌; "pinyin: Jīnchāng) is a "prefecture-level city in the centre of "Gansu province, People's Republic of China, bordering "Inner Mongolia to the north.


Geography and climate[edit]

Jinchang City is located in central Gansu province, west of the "Yellow River, north of the "Qilian Mountains, and south of the "Alashan Plateau. The southwest of the city borders "Qinghai Province and the northwest borders "Inner Mongolia. The area is 8,896 km2 (3,435 sq mi).


Jinchang has important archaeological sites from the stone age, a Western "Han site, and sections of the "Great Wall from the Han and "Qing dynasties.


Jinchang has 1 urban district and 1 county with a total population of 464050,[1] half of which is urban.

Name "Hanzi "Hanyu Pinyin Population
(2004 est.)
Area (km²) Density
"Jinchuan District 金川区 Jīnchuān Qū 200,000 3,017 66
"Yongchang County 永昌县 Yǒngchāng Xiàn 250,000 5,879 43


The 2002 GDP was 4.5 billion RMB. The average urban income was 8,233 RMB while rural was 3,051 RMB. Agriculture and natural resource based industries are the key to Jinchang's economy. It is called China's "Nickel Capital" and has an abundance of other mineral resources including quartz, iron, manganese, copper, cobalt, zinc, gold, tungsten, limestone, etc. Here placed "Jinchuan Group. The installation of a solar farm in the western part of Jinchang with a rated capacity of 1 GW and of a solar production facility with 300 MW capacity has been announced in May 2012. [2]

Vegetable oil is its primary agricultural product.


Jinchang is served by the "Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway and the "Jinchang Jinchuan Airport, opened in August 2011.


Cultural sites such as the Han and Qing dynasty Great Walls are popular tourist sites. The relatively undeveloped natural environment is also a draw for tourists.

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