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John E. Ferling
""Professor John Ferling 01.JPG
Ferling in 2015
Born 1940
"Charleston, West Virginia, U.S.
Nationality United States
Other names John Ferling
Occupation Historian, Author, Professor (retired 2004)
Known for American revolution historian
Awards Lifetime Achievement Award / Fraunces Tavern Book Award

John E. Ferling (born 1940) is a "professor emeritus of "history at the "University of West Georgia. As a leading historian in the "American Revolution and founding era, he has appeared in television documentaries on "PBS, the "History Channel, "C-SPAN "Book TV, and the "Learning Channel.[1]



Ferling was born in 1940 in "Charleston, West Virginia.[2] He grew up in "Texas City, Texas.[2] He attended Sam Houston State University, and later received a master's degree in history from "Baylor University.[2] Ferling taught for 39 years, mostly at the "University of West Georgia. He retired from teaching to spend more time writing.[2]




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