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John Sallis (born 1938) is an "American "philosopher well known for his work in the tradition of "phenomenology. Since 2005, he has been the Frederick J. Adelmann Professor of Philosophy at "Boston College. He has previously taught at "Pennsylvania State University (1996–2005), "Vanderbilt University (1990–1995), "Loyola University of Chicago (1983–1990), "Duquesne University (1966–1983) and the "University of the South (1964–1966).

He is the brother of writer "James Sallis.



Sallis obtained his "doctorate from "Tulane University in 1964. His dissertation was entitled "The Concept of World." He received an "honorary doctorate from the "University of Freiburg, "Germany.

Academic interests[edit]

Sallis is well known for his work on "imagination and his careful readings of "Plato. He has also written on "phenomenology, "Martin Heidegger, "Jacques Derrida, "Immanuel Kant, "Johann Gottlieb Fichte, "Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and "Friedrich Nietzsche, among many other figures and topics. He is the founding editor of the journal "Research in Phenomenology.


His curriculum vitae, including a full list of publications, is available here.

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