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Journal of Mathematics and the Arts  
"Discipline "Mathematics, "the arts
Language English
Edited by Craig S. Kaplan
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency "Quarterly
Standard abbreviations
J. Math. Arts
"ISSN 1751-3472 (print)
1751-3480 (web)

The Journal of Mathematics and the Arts is a quarterly "peer-reviewed "academic journal that deals with relationship between "mathematics and "the arts.[1]

The journal was established in 2007 and is published by "Taylor & Francis. The "editor-in-chief is Craig S. Kaplan ("University of Waterloo, Canada).


  1. ^ Coessens, Kathleen; François, Karen; Van Bendegem, Jean Paul (2014), "Olympification Versus Aesthetization: The Appeal of Mathematics Outside the Classroom", in Smeyers, Paul; Depaepe, Marc, Educational Research: Material Culture and Its Representation, Educational Research, 8, Springer, pp. 163–178, "doi:10.1007/978-3-319-03083-8_11, "ISBN "978-3-319-03082-1, And of course, there is the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, which is dedicated to the topic. 

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