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Kamalnayan Bajaj
Born (1915-01-23)23 January 1915
Died 1 May 1972(1972-05-01) (aged 57)
Children "Rahul Bajaj

"Jamnalal Bajaj

"Janaki Devi Bajaj

Kamalnayan Bajaj was the elder son of "Jamnalal Bajaj.[1] He was born on January 23, 1915.[2] He consolidated the "Bajaj Group after inheriting it from his uncle in 1954.[3] He completed his education from "Cambridge Universityin "England. He diversified the interests of Bajaj Group into manufacture of scooter, three-wheeler, cement, alloy casting and electrical equipment.[3]

"Rahul Bajaj is his eldest son.[2]

He was elected to Lok Sabha three times from "Wardha (Lok Sabha constituency) from 1957-1971. But lost in 1971 after he had joined the Congress (O) in 1969 with his friend Morarji Desai[2]

He died at the age of 57 on May 1, 1972.[3]


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