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"Coordinates: 35°36′N 103°12′E / 35.600°N 103.200°E / 35.600; 103.200 According to Chapter of Geography of History book of Song Dynasty( Chinese traditional: < 宋史》地理志), Kangle County was first set up in A.D. 1073( Sixth year of Xi ning reign, Northern Song Dynasty ) ( Chinese traditional: 北宋熙寧六年) Kangle County ("simplified Chinese: 康乐县; "traditional Chinese: 康樂縣; "pinyin: Kānglè Xiàn; "Wade–Giles: K’ang-lo Hsien) is a "county in the "Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, province of "Gansu of the "People's Republic of China. With ethnic minority of the "Dongxiang. In August 24, 2016, local resident: Yang, gai lan( Chinese traditional: 楊改蘭)committed suicide and killed her four children, reportedly after being denied low income support by local officials.

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