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"Coordinates: 35°36′N 103°12′E / 35.600°N 103.200°E / 35.600; 103.200 Kangle County ("simplified Chinese: 康乐县; "traditional Chinese: 康樂縣; "pinyin: Kānglè Xiàn; "Wade–Giles: K’ang-lo Hsien) is a "county in the "Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, province of "Gansu of the "People's Republic of China. With ethnic minority of the "Dongxiang.

According to Chapter of Geography of History book of Song Dynasty ("Chinese: 宋史地理志), Kangle County was first established in 1073 (sixth year of the "Emperor Shenzong of Song era, "Northern Song dynasty: "Chinese: 北宋熙寧六年).


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