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""Street with old houses in Kerteminde.
Street with old houses in Kerteminde.
""Coat of arms of Kerteminde
Coat of arms
Nickname(s): Kerteminde Haven ved Havet / The Garden by the Sea / Der Garten am Meer
""Kerteminde is located in Region of Southern Denmark
Coordinates: 55°27′N 10°40′E / 55.450°N 10.667°E / 55.450; 10.667"Coordinates: 55°27′N 10°40′E / 55.450°N 10.667°E / 55.450; 10.667
Country "Denmark
"Region "Southern Denmark
"Municipality "Kerteminde
Population (2014)
 • Total 5,855
"Time zone "CET ("UTC+1)
 • Summer ("DST) "CEST ("UTC+2)

Kerteminde (nickname: Min Amandas by, i.e. My Amanda's town), is a town in central "Denmark, located in "Kerteminde Municipality on the island of "Funen. The town has a population of 5,855 (1 January 2014).[1] It is a small harbor town surrounded by farms. Kerteminde contains a fish restaurant, Rudolf Mathis, the Viking museum Ladby, and the research and exhibition institution for fish and porpoises Fjord & Bælt.


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