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Map of the Khatanga River drainage basin, including the Kheta River (to the north) and Kotuy River (to the south)

The Khatanga River ("Russian: Хатанга) is a river in "Krasnoyarsk Krai in "Russia. It begins at the "confluence of the rivers "Kotuy and "Kheta. The Khatanga River is 227 kilometres (141 mi) long; the "area of its "basin is 364,000 square kilometres (141,000 sq mi).[1] It flows into the "Khatanga Gulf of the "Laptev Sea, forming an "estuary. There are more than 112,000 "lakes, with a total surface area of 11,600 square kilometres (4,500 sq mi), in the basin of the river.

The Khatanga River freezes up in late September–early October and breaks up in early June. Its main tributaries are the Nizhnyaya River, Bludnaya River, "Popigay River, "Novaya River, and Malaya Balakhnya. The Khatanga River teems with different kinds of "fish, including "ryapushka, "omul, "muksun, "white salmon, "taimen, "loach, and others. The river is navigable. The "river port of "Khatanga is located on the river.


"Russian fur traders first reached the Khatanga about 1611.[2]

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"Coordinates: 73°11′14″N 106°12′25″E / 73.18722°N 106.20694°E / 73.18722; 106.20694

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