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Kieran Egan
""Kieran Egan educator.jpg
Egan in 2004
Born 1942 (1942)
Occupation Author, Professor of Education, Canada Research Chair in Education

Kieran Egan (born 1942) is a contemporary "educational philosopher and a student of the "classics, "anthropology, "cognitive psychology, and "cultural history.[1] He has written on issues in "education and "child development, with an emphasis on the uses of "imagination and the intellectual stages (Egan calls them "understandings) that occur during a person’s intellectual development. He has questioned the work of "Jean Piaget and "progressive educators, notably "Herbert Spencer and "John Dewey.

He currently works at "Simon Fraser University.[2] His major work is "The Educated Mind.["citation needed]



Egan was born in 1942 in "Clonmel "Ireland, though he was raised and educated in "England. He graduated from the "University of London with a "Bachelor of Arts degree in 1966. He subsequently worked as a "research fellow at the Institute for Comparative Studies in "Kingston upon Thames. He then moved to the "United States and began a "Ph.D in the "philosophy of education at the "Stanford Graduate School of Education. Egan completed his Ph.D at "Cornell University in 1972.[3][4]

Imaginative Education[edit]

Kieran Egan is the director of the Imaginative Education Research Group,[2] which was founded by the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. The goal of this group is to improve education on a global scale by developing and proliferating the ideas of Imaginative Education[5]

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