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""Krasnohorivka is located in Ukraine
Location of Krasnohorivka within Ukraine
Coordinates: 48°0′24″N 37°30′46″E / 48.00667°N 37.51278°E / 48.00667; 37.51278"Coordinates: 48°0′24″N 37°30′46″E / 48.00667°N 37.51278°E / 48.00667; 37.51278
Country  "Ukraine
"Province "Donetsk Oblast
"District "Marinka Raion
Status 1938
Elevation 149 m (489 ft)
Population ("2001 census)
 • Total 16,714
"Time zone EET ("UTC+2)
 • Summer ("DST) EEST ("UTC+3)
"Postal code 85630
"Area code +380 6278

Krasnohorivka ("Ukrainian: Красногорівка, "Russian: Красногоровка) is a city in "Donetsk Oblast ("province) of "Ukraine. Population: 15,937 (2013 est.)[1]; 16,714 (2001).



The town was founded in the first half of the 19th century by migrants from the Ukrainian villages of "Poltava Governorate and "Kharkov Governorate.

Starting mid-April 2014 "pro-Russian separatists "captured several towns in Donetsk Oblast;[2][3] including Krasnohorivka.[4] On 1 August 2014 Ukrainian forces had secured the city from pro-Russian separatists.[5] The town then became situated close to the frontline with the separatists controlled "Donetsk.[6] It continues to come under separatist attack by "shelling.[7][8][9]

June 2015 offensive[edit]

On 3 June 2015 fresh violence returned to the town as pro-Russian rebels launched an "offensive there, involving 1,000 troops, tanks and heavy artillery.[6] The rebels stated they only engaged in defence measures after an assault by the Ukrainian army. Video footage showed outgoing artillery fire originating in residential areas in Donetsk held by the rebels, directed at Ukrainian government positions, a violation of both the "Minsk II agreement and "Geneva Conventions. The attacking rebel forces included a number of Russian regular soldiers.[10] Ukrainian government accused Russia of inciting the conflict.[11] Western diplomats stated that the assault was carried out by combined Russian-separatist forces.[12]

Famous people from Krasnohorivka[edit]


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