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Labour in for Britain
""Labour In for Britain.png
Founders "Alan Johnson
Purpose To campaign for EU membership in the "United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016
Region served
United Kingdom

Labour in for Britain was a pro-"European Union "campaign group, set up by "Labour "MP and former "Home Secretary, "Alan Johnson with the support of the Labour Party head office. It was ran separately to the cross-party 'In' campaign, "Britain Stronger in Europe.[1]

Alan Johnson, has said that events such as the "November 2015 Paris attacks show that there is greater need for "European integration and greater co-operation amongst the "peoples of Europe. He has argued that Britain's security both economically and militarily relies on continued "membership of the European Union, claiming that "There is nothing patriotic about condemning this country to isolation."[1]

The Labour Party has been broadly "pro-European Union in recent years,[2] although some sources suggest that the Labour Party membership is more "Eurosceptic than the party leadership.[3] After the referendum, Labour In for Britain criticised Labour's leadership, specifically "Jeremy Corbyn, for its seemingly half-hearted support for the cause, accusing Corbyn of 'trying to consistently “weaken and sabotage” Labour’s campaign to keep Britain inside the EU[…]'.[4]

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