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Lawrence Augustine Washington (April 11, 1774 - February 15, 1824)["citation needed] was a nephew of "United States President "George Washington and son of "Samuel Washington and his fourth wife, Anne Steptoe.[1]

Lawrence was born at "Harewood in what is now "Jefferson County, West Virginia in 1774.["citation needed] After his father's death, he, along with his brother "George Steptoe and sister Harriot, went to live with their uncle "George Washington for a time. The future president paid for him and his brother to be educated at Georgetown academy, where according to historian "Ron Chernow, "they were wild and uncontrollable and a constant trial to Washington".[1] Lawrence Augustine married Mary Dorcas Wood on November 6, 1797 in "Winchester, Virginia. Together, the couple had four children. It is through his son, Dr. Lawrence Augustine Washington, that a direct Washington family lineage exists today.


  1. George Washington
  2. Emma Tell Washington (1812-1838)
  3. Lawrence Augustine Washington (1813-1882)
  4. Mary Dorcas Washington (1817-1861)


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