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Le Mur is a contemporary "urban art spot in "rue Oberkampf ("11eme arrondissement) in "Paris, "France.

It is the initial spot of the "street art movement in Paris in April 2000. Le Mur was at this time an advertising billboard was firstly hijacked by artist Hephaestus in spring 2000.[1]

In 2007 it became an officially sanctioned street exhibition space.[2]

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  1. ^ Shigenobu Gonzalvez, Guy Debord ou la beauté du négatif, Nautilus, 2002. The first edition of the book in 1998 at édition Mille et une nuits, "les petits libres" was not illustrated, the 2002 edition gave examples of "Guy Debord impact in recent art works. Among them was shown a work by a situationist artist called Hephaesus showing a "Canal+ advertising with "Keanu Reeves for the movie "Matrix "hijacked as "Pour les bonnes c'est réel, pour les autres c'est virtuel, Guy Debord ne passe que sur "ATTAC+" (For the maids it's real, for the others, it's virtual, Guy Dedord can only be seen on the ATTAC+ Tv channel).
  2. ^ Le Mestre, Bérénice (29 August 2012). "Astro, street art filant" (in French). Libération. Retrieved 8 September 2012. 

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