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Le rideau jaune
""Yellow Curtain.jpg
Artist "Henri Matisse
Year 1915
Medium "Oil on canvas
Dimensions 146 cm × 97 cm (​57 12 in × ​38 18 in)
Location "Museum of Modern Art, "New York City

Le rideau jaune (The Yellow Curtain) is a painting by "Henri Matisse created in 1915. Its size is 57½ × 38⅛" (146 × 97 cm). It is currently in the collection of the "Museum of Modern Art, "New York.

Matisse's original title for the painting, Composition, draws attention to its "abstract quality. Interviewed in 1931, Matisse explained that the painting represents a view from a curtained window in his home at "Issy-les-Moulineaux, including the blue glass canopy that covered the front door.

It was donated to them as a gift of Jo Carole and "Ronald S. Lauder, "Nelson Rockefeller Bequest, gift of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Weintraub, and Mary Sisler Bequest, all by exchange.[1]


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