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The "Liberal Party of Canada ran 242 candidates in the "1940 Canadian federal election, and elected 179 members to form a second consecutive "majority government.



Candidate's Name Notes Gender Residence Occupation Votes % Rank
"Acadia Day, Arthur M.Arthur M. Day M Physician 3,740 45.01 2nd
"Athabaska Dechene, Joseph Miville"Joseph Miville Dechene Former member of the "Legislative Assembly of Alberta. M Agent 5,961 46.46 1st
"Battle River Pitman, Ernest ArthurErnest Arthur Pitman M Farmer 3,808 31.08 2nd
"Bow River Claypool, A.B.A.B. Claypool M Farmer 4,050 25.71 2nd
"Calgary East Ross, George Henry"George Henry Ross M Barrister 5,815 27.54 1st
"Calgary West Edwards, Manley Justin"Manley Justin Edwards M Barrister 7,299 36.87 1st
"Camrose Claeys, CharlesCharles Claeys M Farmer 4,443 34.53 2nd
"Edmonton East Casselman, Frederick Clayton"Frederick Clayton Casselman M Barrister 8,948 43.67 1st
"Edmonton West MacKinnon, James Angus"James Angus MacKinnon Incumbent "Member of Parliament (MP) and "cabinet minister M Manager 12,350 56.87 1st
"Jasper—Edson Knight, Arthur AllanArthur Allan Knight M Farmer 6,283 37.89 2nd
"Lethbridge Fairbairn, Lynden EldonLynden Eldon Fairbairn M Barrister 5,538 35.72 2nd
"Macleod McKennal, Francis OlestesFrancis Olestes McKennal M Barrister 4,829 28.91 2nd
"Medicine Hat Gershaw, Frederick William"Frederick William Gershaw Formerly MP for Medicine Hat from 1925 to 1935 M Physician 9,439 63.08 1st
"Peace River Sissons, John"John Sissons M Barrister 6,426 41.28 1st
"Red Deer Bury, Absalom ClarkAbsalom Clark Bury M Notary 4,134 27.23 2nd
"Vergreville Archer, Albert Ernest"Albert Ernest Archer M Physician 4,605 32.72 2nd
"Wetaskwin Campbell, Walter StephenWalter Stephen Campbell Also ran for Wetaskiwin in the "1935 election M Agent 4,392 28.10 2nd

Source: Library of Parliament.[1]


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