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The Secretary-General of the Western European Union was the head of the "Western European Union (WEU), a "Cold War era "European defence and "collective security organisation, which was dissolved in 2011.[1]

In 1999, it was agreed that the holder of newly created post of "High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the "European Union should also be the Secretary-General of the WEU. This was then Javier Solana however since a reconfiguration of the High Representative post, Solana's successor Catherine Asthon was however never appointed Secretary-General and an acting secretary-general fulfilled the role until the WEU's dissolvement in 2011.

List of Secretaries General[edit]

Name Country Years
Louis Goffin  "Belgium 1955–1962
Maurice Iweins d'Eeckhoutte  "Belgium 1962–1970
Georges Heisbourg  "Luxembourg 1971–1974
Friedrich-Karl von Plehwe  "West Germany 1974–1977
Edouard Longerstaey  "Belgium 1977–1985
Alfred Cahen  "Belgium 1985–1989
"Wim van Eekelen  "Netherlands 1989–1994
"José Cutileiro  "Portugal 1994–1999
"Javier Solana  "Spain 1999–2009
"Arnaud Jacomet  "France 2009–2011


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