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List of forests of South Africa, among other terms used it usually means "an area with a high density of trees" are wood, woodland, wold, weald and holt. Unlike forest, these are all derived from Old English and were not borrowed from another language.

List of Forests of South Africa[edit]

Name of Forest Official Name Province
ANU OF my Pap Forest State "Eastern Cape
Blue Lily's Bush Forest Reserve "Eastern Cape
"Dlinza Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Diepwalle Forest "Western Cape
Entabeni Forest "Limpopo
Entumeni Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
"Gilboa Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Hanglip Forest "Limpopo
Hankey Forest State "Eastern Cape
"Hawaan Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Hlabeni Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
"Hlatikhulu Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Hogsback Forest State "Eastern Cape
Inyarha (Nyara) Forest Reserve "Eastern Cape
Isidenge Forest State "Eastern Cape
"Karkloof Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Katberg Forest State "Eastern Cape
"Knysna-Amatole montane forests "Western Cape
Kologha Forest Reserve "Eastern Cape
Koomans Bush State Reserve "Eastern Cape
Kruisrivier Forest Reserve "Eastern Cape
Kubusi Indigenous Forest State "Eastern Cape
Longmore Forest State "Eastern Cape
Lottering Forest Reserve "Eastern Cape
Ncandu Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
"Newlands Forest "Western Cape
Nkandla Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
"Ngome Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
"Ongoye Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
"Orange Kloof "Western Cape
Plaatbos Forest Nature Reserve "Eastern Cape
Qudeni Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Robbe Hoek Forest Reserve "Eastern Cape
Sileza Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Soada Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Storms River Forest "Eastern Cape part of the "Tsitsikamma National Park
Tuduma Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Umgano Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Welbedacht Forest State "Eastern Cape
"Weza Forest "KwaZulu-Natal
Witelsbos Forest State "Eastern Cape

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