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"Members of the
European Parliament

for the United Kingdom
"Delegation (1973)
1st term ("1979)
"2nd term ("1984)
"3rd term ("1989)
"4th term ("1994)
"5th term ("1999)
"6th term ("2004)
"7th term ("2009)
"8th term ("2014)



Name National party EP Group Constituency
"Gordon Adam      "Labour Party      "SOC "Northumbria
"Richard Balfe      "Labour Party      "SOC "London South Inner
"Neil Balfour      "Conservative Party      "ED "Yorkshire North
"Robert Battersby      "Conservative Party      "ED "Humberside
"Peter Beazley      "Conservative Party      "ED "Bedfordshire South
"Lord Bethell      "Conservative Party      "ED "London North West
"Roland Boyes      "Labour Party      "SOC "Durham
"Beata Brookes      "Conservative Party      "ED "Wales North
"Janey Buchan      "Labour Party      "SOC "Glasgow
"Richard Caborn      "Labour Party      "SOC "Sheffield
"Barbara Castle      "Labour Party      "SOC "Greater Manchester North
"Frederick Catherwood      "Conservative Party      "ED "Cambridgeshire
"Ann Clwyd      "Labour Party      "SOC "Wales Mid & West
"Ken Collins      "Labour Party      "SOC "Strathclyde East
Richard Cottrell      "Conservative Party      "ED "Bristol
"David Curry      "Conservative Party      "ED "Essex North East
"Ian Dalziel      "Conservative Party      "ED "Lothians
"John de Courcy Ling      "Conservative Party      "ED "Midlands Central
"Basil de Ferranti      "Conservative Party      "ED "Hampshire West
"Marquess of Douro      "Conservative Party      "ED "Surrey
"Baroness Elles      "Conservative Party      "ED "Thames Valley
"Derek Enright      "Labour Party      "SOC "Leeds
"Winifred Ewing      "Scottish National Party      "EPD "Highlands and Islands
"Adam Fergusson      "Conservative Party      "ED "Strathclyde West
"Norvela Forster      "Conservative Party      "ED "Birmingham South
"Eric Forth      "Conservative Party      "ED "Birmingham North
"Michael Gallagher      "Labour Party /      "SDP (Jan 1984)      "SOC "Nottingham
"Win Griffiths      "Labour Party      "SOC "Wales South
"Lord Harmar-Nicholls      "Conservative Party      "ED "Greater Manchester South
"David Harris      "Conservative Party      "ED "Cornwall & Plymouth
"Gloria Hooper      "Conservative Party      "ED "Liverpool
"William Hopper      "Conservative Party      "ED "Greater Manchester West
"Brian Hord      "Conservative Party      "ED "London West
"Paul Howell      "Conservative Party      "ED "Norfolk
"John Hume      "Social Democratic and Labour Party      "SOC "Northern Ireland
"Alasdair Hutton      "Conservative Party      "ED "South of Scotland
"Christopher Jackson      "Conservative Party      "ED "Kent East
"Robert V. Jackson      "Conservative Party      "ED "Upper Thames
"Stanley Johnson      "Conservative Party      "ED "Wight & Hampshire East
"Edward Kellett-Bowman      "Conservative Party      "ED "Lancashire East
"Elaine Kellett-Bowman      "Conservative Party      "ED "Cumbria
"Brian Key      "Labour Party      "SOC "Yorkshire South
"Alfred Lomas      "Labour Party      "SOC "London North East
"John Marshall      "Conservative Party      "ED "London North
"Thomas Megahy      "Labour Party      "SOC "Yorkshire South West
"James Moorhouse      "ED      "ED "London South
"Robert Moreland      "Conservative Party      "ED "Staffordshire East
"Bill Newton Dunn      "Conservative Party      "ED "Lincolnshire
Sir "David Nicolson      "Conservative Party      "ED "London Central
"Tom Normanton      "Conservative Party      "ED "Cheshire East
"Lord O'Hagan      "Conservative Party      "ED "Devon
"Ian Paisley      "Democratic Unionist Party      "NI "Northern Ireland
"Ben Patterson      "Conservative Party      "ED "Kent West
"Andrew Pearce      "Conservative Party      "ED "Cheshire West
"Henry Plumb      "Conservative Party      "ED "Cotswolds
"Derek Prag      "Conservative Party      "ED "Hertfordshire
"Peter Price      "Conservative Party      "ED "Lancashire West
"Christopher Prout      "Conservative Party      "ED "Salop and Stafford
"James Provan      "Conservative Party      "ED "North East Scotland
"John Purvis      "Conservative Party      "ED "Mid Scotland and Fife
"Joyce Quin      "Labour Party      "SOC "Tyne South and Wear
"Brandon Rhys-Williams      "Conservative Party      "ED "London South East
"Shelagh Roberts      "Conservative Party      "ED "London South West
"Allan Rogers      "Labour Party      "SOC "Wales South East
"James Scott-Hopkins      "Conservative Party      "ED "Hereford & Worcester
"Barry Seal      "Labour Party      "SOC "Yorkshire West
"Madron Seligman      "Conservative Party      "ED "Sussex West
Dr. "Alexander Sherlock      "Conservative Party      "ED "Essex South West
Richard Simmonds      "Conservative Party      "ED "Midlands West
"Anthony Simpson      "Conservative Party      "ED "Northamptonshire
"Tom Spencer      "Conservative Party      "ED "Derbyshire
"James Spicer      "Conservative Party      "ED "Wessex
"Jack Stewart-Clark      "Conservative Party      "ED "Sussex East
"John Taylor      "Ulster Unionist Party      "ED "Northern Ireland
"John Taylor      "Conservative Party      "ED "Midlands East
"Frederick Tuckman      "Conservative Party      "ED "Leicester
"Amédée Turner      "Conservative Party      "ED "Suffolk
Alan Tyrrell      "Conservative Party      "ED "London East
"Peter Vanneck      "Conservative Party      "ED "Cleveland
"Frederick Warner      "Conservative Party      "ED "Somerset
"Michael Welsh      "Conservative Party      "ED "Lancashire Central



Change of allegiance[edit]


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