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"Members of the
European Parliament

for the United Kingdom
"Delegation (1973)
"1st term ("1979)
"2nd term ("1984)
"3rd term ("1989)
"4th term ("1994)
"5th term ("1999)
6th term ("2004)
"7th term ("2009)
"8th term ("2014)

This is a list of Members of the "European Parliament for the "United Kingdom in the 2004 to 2009 session, ordered by name.

See "European Parliament Election, 2004 (UK) for a list ordered by constituency.


This table can be sorted by constituency, party or party group: click the symbol at the top of the appropriate column.

Name National party EP Group Constituency
"Jim Allister      "Traditional Unionist Voice[1]      "NI "Northern Ireland
"Richard Ashworth      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "South East England
"Robert Atkins      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "North West England
"Elspeth Attwooll      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "Scotland
"Gerard Batten      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "London
"Christopher Beazley      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "East of England
"Godfrey Bloom      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "Yorkshire and the Humber
"John Bowis      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "London
"Sharon Bowles[2]      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "South East England
"Philip Bradbourn      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "West Midlands
"Philip Bushill-Matthews      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "West Midlands
"Martin Callanan      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "North East England
"Michael Cashman      "Labour Party      "PES "West Midlands
"Giles Chichester      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "South West England
"Derek Clark      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "East Midlands
"Trevor Colman[3]      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "South West England
"Richard Corbett      "Labour Party      "PES "Yorkshire and the Humber
"Chris Davies      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "North West England
"Bairbre de Brún      "Sinn Féin      "EUL–NGL "Northern Ireland
"Nirj Deva      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "South East England
"Den Dover      "Independent      "NI "North West England
"Andrew Duff      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "East of England
"James Elles      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "South East England
"Jillian Evans      "Plaid Cymru      "G–EFA "Wales
"Jonathan Evans      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "Wales
"Robert Evans      "Labour Party      "PES "London
"Nigel Farage      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "South East England
"Glyn Ford      "Labour Party      "PES "South West England
"Neena Gill      "Labour Party      "PES "West Midlands
"Fiona Hall      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "North East England
"Daniel Hannan[4]      "Conservative Party      "NI "South East England
"Malcolm Harbour      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "West Midlands
"Chris Heaton-Harris      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "East Midlands
"Roger Helmer[5]      "Conservative Party      "NI "East Midlands
"Mary Honeyball      "Labour Party      "PES "London
"Richard Howitt      "Labour Party      "PES "East of England
"Ian Hudghton      "Scottish National Party      "G–EFA "Scotland
"Stephen Hughes      "Labour Party      "PES "North East England
"Caroline Jackson      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "South West England
"Syed Kamall[6]      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "London
"Saj Karim      "Conservative Party[7]      "EPP–ED "North West England
"Robert Kilroy-Silk[8]      "UK Independence Party /      "Independent      "IND&DEM /      "NI "East Midlands
"Glenys Kinnock      "Labour Party      "PES "Wales
"Timothy Kirkhope      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "Yorkshire and the Humber
"Roger Knapman      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "South West England
"Jean Lambert      "Green Party (England and Wales)      "G–EFA "London
"Caroline Lucas      "Green Party (England and Wales)      "G–EFA "South East England
"Sarah Ludford      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "London
"Liz Lynne      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "West Midlands
"David Martin      "Labour Party      "PES "Scotland
"Linda McAvan      "Labour Party      "PES "Yorkshire and the Humber
"Arlene McCarthy      "Labour Party      "PES "North West England
"Edward McMillan-Scott      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "Yorkshire and the Humber
"Claude Moraes      "Labour Party      "PES "London
"Eluned Morgan      "Labour Party      "PES "Wales
"Ashley Mote[9]      "UK Independence Party /      "Independent      "IND&DEM /      "NI "South East England
"Mike Nattrass      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "West Midlands
"Bill Newton Dunn      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "East Midlands
"Emma Nicholson      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "South East England
"Jim Nicholson      "Ulster Unionist Party      "EPP–ED "Northern Ireland
"Neil Parish      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "South West England
"John Purvis      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "Scotland
"Brian Simpson[10]      "Labour Party      "PES "North West England
"Peter Skinner      "Labour Party      "PES "South East England
"Alyn Smith      "Scottish National Party      "G–EFA "Scotland
"Struan Stevenson      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "Scotland
"Catherine Stihler      "Labour Party      "PES "Scotland
"Robert Sturdy      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "East of England
"David Sumberg      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "North West England
"Charles Tannock      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "London
"Jeffrey Titford      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "East of England
"Gary Titley      "Labour Party      "PES "North West England
"Geoffrey van Orden      "Conservative Party      "EPP–ED "East of England
"Diana Wallis      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "Yorkshire and the Humber
"Graham Watson      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE "South West England
"John Whittaker      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "North West England
"Glenis Willmott[11]      "Labour Party      "PES "East Midlands
"Tom Wise      "UK Independence Party      "IND&DEM "East of England


Name Region Party Date Reason for departure
"Chris Huhne "South East England "LibDem 11 May 2005 Resigned on election to the "House of Commons
"Theresa Villiers "London "Conservative 11 May 2005 Resigned on election to the "House of Commons
"Phillip Whitehead "East Midlands "Labour 31 December 2005 Deceased
"Terry Wynn "North West England "Labour 27 August 2006 Resigned after reaching 60th birthday
"Graham Booth "South West England "UKIP 1 October 2008 Retired


  1. ^ "Jim Allister was elected as a member of the "Democratic Unionist Party, but resigned the party whip on 27 March 2007 in protest over the party's decision to form a "power-sharing "executive in the "Northern Ireland Assembly with "Sinn Féin.
  2. ^ "Sharon Bowles replaced "Chris Huhne on 12 May 2005.
  3. ^ "Graham Booth resigned on 30 September 2008, and was replaced by "Trevor Colman on 1 October 2008.
  4. ^ Daniel Hannan was expelled from the EPP-ED group on 19 February 2008.
  5. ^ "Roger Helmer had the Conservative whip suspended from 26 May 2005 to 13 September 2006 after he voted to censure the European Commission. Simultaneously, his membership of the EPP-ED group was withdrawn, and it has not been restored.
  6. ^ "Syed Kamall replaced "Theresa Villiers on 12 May 2005.
  7. ^ Originally elected as a Liberal Democrat, "Saj Karim joined the Conservative Party on 26 November 2007.
  8. ^ "Robert Kilroy-Silk was elected as a member of "UKIP, and sat in the "Independence and Democracy group. He resigned the UKIP whip on 27 October 2004 and founded "Veritas on 2 February 2005.
  9. ^ "Ashley Mote was elected as a member of "UKIP, and would have sat with the "Independence and Democracy group, had he not been suspended from UKIP on 16 July 2004. Instead, he sat as a "Non-inscrit member until becoming a founder member of the "Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty group in January 2007. ITS ceased to exist in November that year.
  10. ^ "Terry Wynn resigned on 27 August 2006 and was replaced by "Brian Simpson.
  11. ^ "Phillip Whitehead died on 31 December 2005, and was replaced by "Glenis Willmott on 1 January 2006.
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