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"Members of the
European Parliament

for the United Kingdom
"Delegation (1973)
"1st term ("1979)
"2nd term ("1984)
"3rd term ("1989)
"4th term ("1994)
"5th term ("1999)
"6th term ("2004)
"7th term ("2009)
8th term ("2014)

The "8th European Parliament was "elected across the European Union in the late days of May 2014 for the 2014-2019 session. The United Kingdom was apportioned to send 73 out of the 751 Member of the European Parliament (MEPs) that are listed below.


Brexit and the mandate of British MEPs[edit]

A non binding-"referendum was held on 23 June 2016 to decide whether the UK should leave the EU ("Brexit) or remain a member of it. With a majority of voters, 52%, in favour of Brexit, the British government has promised to leave the EU. It is not clear when the UK will effectively leave the EU, this process being unprecedented. Hence, it has not been clarified if these MEPs will remain in their seats until Brexit, if it happened before the subsequent European Parliament election, or if they would remain as MEPs until this Parliament is dissolved in 2019.[1] In any event, if the UK had left the EU before the election of the "9th European Parliament, the mandate of the listed members would be ended on that date, regardless of the process of the "Brexit negotiations.

Contribution of UK political parties within European Parliament political groups[edit]

The UK has representation with 73 of the 751 seats of the European Parliament with party contributions within political groups as follows:

National party MEPs "Political group Governance
"Labour Party
20 / 189
"S&D "Commission majority
"Conservative Party
18 / 73
"ECR Opposition and non-aligned
"UK Independence Party
18 / 44
"EFDD Opposition and non-aligned
"Green Party
3 / 50
"Greens/EFA Opposition and non-aligned
"Scottish National Party
2 / 50
"Greens/EFA Opposition and non-aligned
"Independent politician
3 / 18
"Non-Inscrits Opposition and non-aligned
"Ulster Unionist Party
1 / 73
"ECR Opposition and non-aligned
"Liberal Democrats
1 / 69
"ALDE "Commission majority
"Sinn Féin
1 / 52
"GUE/NGL Opposition and non-aligned
"Plaid Cymru
1 / 50
"Greens/EFA Opposition and non-aligned
1 / 39
"ENF Opposition and non-aligned
"Democratic Unionist Party
1 / 17
"Non-Inscrits Opposition and non-aligned
2 / 216
"EPP "Commission majority

Current members[edit]

This table can be sorted by constituency, party or party group: click the symbol at the top of the appropriate column.

Name Constituency National Party EP Group
"Stuart Agnew "East of England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Tim Aker "East of England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Lucy Anderson "London      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Martina Anderson "Northern Ireland      "Sinn Féin      "EUL-NGL
"Jonathan Arnott "North East England      "Independent politician[2]      "NI
"Richard Ashworth "South East England      "Independent[3]      "EPP
"Janice Atkinson "South East England      "Independent[4]      "ENF
"Amjad Bashir "Yorkshire and the Humber      "Conservative Party[5]      "ECR
"Gerard Batten "London      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Catherine Bearder "South East England      "Liberal Democrats      "ALDE
"Paul Brannen "North East England      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Jonathan Bullock "East Midlands      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Daniel Dalton "West Midlands      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"David Campbell Bannerman "East of England      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Louise Bours "North West England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Jim Carver "West Midlands      "Independent politician[6]      "NI
"David Coburn "Scotland      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Jane Collins "Yorkshire and the Humber      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Richard Corbett "Yorkshire and the Humber      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Seb Dance "London      "Labour Party      "S&D
"The Earl of Dartmouth "South West England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Nirj Deva "South East England      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Diane Dodds "Northern Ireland      "Democratic Unionist Party      "NI
"Bill Etheridge "West Midlands      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Jill Evans "Wales      "Plaid Cymru      "Greens–EFA
"Nigel Farage "South East England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"John Flack "East of England      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Ray Finch "South East England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Jacqueline Foster "North West England      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Ashley Fox "South West England      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Nathan Gill "Wales      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Neena Gill "West Midlands      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Julie Girling "South West England      "Independent[7]      "EPP
"Theresa Griffin "North West England      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Daniel Hannan "South East England      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Mary Honeyball "London      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Mike Hookem "Yorkshire and the Humber      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"John Howarth "South East England      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Ian Hudghton "Scotland      "Scottish National Party      "Greens–EFA
"Diane James "South East England      "Independent politician[8]      "NI
"Syed Kamall "London      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Saj Karim "North West England      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Wajid Khan "North West England      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Jude Kirton-Darling "North East England      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Jean Lambert "London      "Green Party (England and Wales)      "Greens–EFA
"David Martin "Scotland      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Rupert Matthews "East Midlands      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Alex Mayer "East of England      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Linda McAvan "Yorkshire and the Humber      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Emma McClarkin "East Midlands      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Anthea McIntyre "West Midlands      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Nosheena Mobarik "Scotland      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Clare Moody "South West England      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Claude Moraes "London      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Jim Nicholson "Northern Ireland      "Ulster Unionist Party      "ECR
"Paul Nuttall "North West England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Patrick O'Flynn "East of England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Rory Palmer "East Midlands      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Margot Parker "East Midlands      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"John Michael Procter "Yorkshire and the Humber      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Julia Reid "South West England      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Molly Scott Cato "South West England      "Green Party (England and Wales)      "Greens–EFA
"Jill Seymour "West Midlands      "UK Independence Party      "EFDD
"Siôn Simon "West Midlands      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Alyn Smith "Scotland      "Scottish National Party      "Greens–EFA
"Catherine Stihler "Scotland      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Kay Swinburne "Wales      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Charles Tannock "London      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Keith Taylor "South East England      "Green Party (England and Wales)      "Greens–EFA
"Geoffrey Van Orden "East of England      "Conservative Party      "ECR
"Derek Vaughan "Wales      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Julie Ward "North West England      "Labour Party      "S&D
"Steven Woolfe "North West England      "Independent politician[9]      "NI

Former members[edit]

Name Region Party Date Reason for departure
"Philip Bradbourn "West Midlands      "Conservative Party 19 December 2014 Died in office
"Anneliese Dodds "South East England      "Labour Party 8 June 2017 Elected MP
"Ian Duncan "Scotland      "Conservative Party 22 June 2017 Resigned after being created "life peer
"Vicky Ford "East of England      "Conservative Party 8 June 2017 Elected MP
"Afzal Khan "North West England      "Labour Party 8 June 2017 Elected MP
"Timothy Kirkhope "Yorkshire and the Humber      "Conservative Party 5 October 2016 Resigned after being created life peer
"Andrew Lewer "East Midlands      "Conservative Party 8 June 2017 Elected MP
"Roger Helmer "East Midlands      "UK Independence Party 31 July 2017 Resigned citing age and health status as reasons, but amid allegations of misuse of public funds[10]
"Richard Howitt "East of England      "Labour Party 2 November 2016 Resigned after taking up chief executive position at "International Integrated Reporting Council
"Glenis Willmott "East Midlands      "Labour Party 2 October 2017 Retired


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