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This article lists the members of the Parliament of Finland from 2015 to 2019. The 37th "eduskunta follows the "parliamentary election held on 19 April 2015. There are 200 MPs in the Parliament.

As elected[edit]

The parties attributed to certain members of Parliament are those to which said MPs belonged on the day of the election. Therefore, for example, members of "Blue Reform are listed as being part of the "Finns Party, as that was the case on 19 April 2015.

Name Party Constituency Number of votes
"Juha Sipilä "Centre Party "Oulu 30,758
"Timo Soini "Finns Party "Satakunta 29,527
"Alexander Stubb "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 27,129
"Carl Haglund "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Satakunta 21,468
"Jaana Pelkonen "National Coalition Party "Helsinki 15,964
"Ben Zyskowicz "National Coalition Party "Helsinki 15,395
"Li Andersson "Left Alliance "Finland Proper 15,071
"Pekka Haavisto "Green League "Helsinki 14,204
"Antti Rinne "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Satakunta 12,147
"Jussi Niinistö "Finns Party "Satakunta 11,767
"Jutta Urpilainen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Vaasa 11,627
"Juhana Vartiainen "National Coalition Party "Helsinki 11,436
"Harry Harkimo "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 11,416
"Matti Vanhanen "Centre Party "Satakunta 11,304
"Sari Essayah "Christian Democrats "Savonia-Karelia 11,186
"Erkki Tuomioja "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Helsinki 11,154
"Sanna Marin "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Pirkanmaa 10,911
"Hannakaisa Heikkinen "Centre Party "Savonia-Karelia 10,712
"Antti Lindtman "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Satakunta 10,687
"Anna-Maja Henriksson "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Vaasa 10,673
"Petteri Orpo "National Coalition Party "Finland Proper 10,652
"Antti Kaikkonen "Centre Party "Satakunta 10,617
"Annika Saarikko "Centre Party "Finland Proper 10,510
Joakim Strand "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Vaasa 10,374
"Lauri Ihalainen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Central Finland 10,354
"Anne Kalmari "Centre Party "Central Finland 10,216
"Sampo Terho "Finns Party "Helsinki 10,067
"Jari Lindström "Finns Party "South-Eastern Finland 9,966
"Paula Risikko "National Coalition Party "Vaasa 9,812
"Stefan Wallin "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Finland Proper 9,787
"Sirpa Paatero "Social Democratic Party of Finland "South-Eastern Finland 9,764
"Eero Heinäluoma "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Helsinki 9,703
"Katri Kulmuni "Centre Party "Lapland 9,702
"Anne Berner "Centre Party "Satakunta 9,691
Hanna Sarkkinen "Left Alliance "Oulu 9,582
""Kike" Ritva Elomaa "Finns Party "Finland Proper 9,571
"Kristiina Salonen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Satakunta 9,560
"Sofia Vikman "National Coalition Party "Pirkanmaa 9,473
"Tapani Tölli "Centre Party "Oulu 9,369
"Jari Leppä "Centre Party "South-Eastern Finland 9,362
"Laura Huhtasaari "Finns Party "Satakunta 9,259
"Kimmo Tiilikainen "Centre Party "South-Eastern Finland 9,193
"Ilkka Kanerva "National Coalition Party "Finland Proper 9,183
"Mauri Pekkarinen "Centre Party "Central Finland 9,170
"Anu Vehviläinen "Centre Party "Savonia-Karelia 8,924
"Ville Niinistö "Green League "Finland Proper 8,835
"Maarit Feldt-Ranta "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Satakunta 8,749
"Vesa-Matti Saarakkala "Finns Party "Vaasa 8,529
Mikko Savola "Centre Party "Vaasa 8,476
"Pia Viitanen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Pirkanmaa 8,472
"Juho Eerola "Finns Party "South-Eastern Finland 8,320
"Tarja Filatov "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Tavastia 8,318
"Hanna Mäntylä "Finns Party "Lapland 8,072
"Paavo Arhinmäki "Left Alliance "Helsinki 7,910
"Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto "Green League "Helsinki 7,884
"Maria Guzenina "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Satakunta 7,827
"Anna Kontula "Left Alliance "Pirkanmaa 7,769
"Tuomo Puumala "Centre Party "Vaasa 7,762
Tytti Tuppurainen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Oulu 7,661
"Krista Kiuru "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Satakunta 7,561
"Sanni Grahn-Laasonen "National Coalition Party "Tavastia 7,556
"Päivi Räsänen "Christian Democrats "Tavastia 7,545
Suna Kymäläinen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "South-Eastern Finland 7,435
"Anne-Mari Virolainen "National Coalition Party "Finland Proper 7,169
"Elsi Katainen "Centre Party "Savonia-Karelia 7,084
"Sari Sarkomaa "National Coalition Party "Helsinki 7,052
"Lasse Hautala "Centre Party "Vaasa 7,037
"Seppo Kääriäinen "Centre Party "Savonia-Karelia 7,006
"Kaj Turunen "Finns Party "South-Eastern Finland 6,929
"Paavo Väyrynen "Centre Party "Lapland 6,889
Mika Kari "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Tavastia 6,867
"Antero Vartia "Green League "Helsinki 6,859
Ville Tavio "Finns Party "Finland Proper 6,847
"Olli Rehn "Centre Party "Helsinki 6,837
"Jukka Gustafsson "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Pirkanmaa 6,792
"Mikko Alatalo "Centre Party "Pirkanmaa 6,759
"Anne Louhelainen "Finns Party "Tavastia 6,743
"Reijo Hongisto "Finns Party "Vaasa 6,736
Rami Lehto "Finns Party "Tavastia 6,705
Eeva-Johanna Eloranta "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Finland Proper 6,689
"Tuula Haatainen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Helsinki 6,662
Hannu Hoskonen "Centre Party "Savonia-Karelia 6,633
Arto Pirttilahti "Centre Party "Pirkanmaa 6,629
"Hanna Kosonen "Centre Party "South-Eastern Finland 6,600
Outi Mäkelä "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 6,598
"Peter Östman "Christian Democrats "Vaasa 6,577
"Pirkko Mattila "Finns Party "Oulu 6,570
"Jani Toivola "Green League "Satakunta 6,557
"Elina Lepomäki "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 6,541
Kari Tolvanen "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 6,531
"Toimi Kankaanniemi "Finns Party "Central Finland 6,511
Thomas Blomqvist "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Satakunta 6,443
"Juha Rehula "Centre Party "Tavastia 6,429
"Satu Hassi "Green League "Pirkanmaa 6,332
"Pentti Oinonen "Finns Party "Savonia-Karelia 6,283
Timo Heinonen "National Coalition Party "Tavastia 6,274
Markku Pakkanen "Centre Party "South-Eastern Finland 6,265
Johanna Ojala-Niemelä "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Lapland 6,248
"Antti Häkkänen "National Coalition Party "South-Eastern Finland 6,216
"Silvia Modig "Left Alliance "Helsinki 6,190
"Lea Mäkipää "Finns Party "Pirkanmaa 6,124
"Sari Multala "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 6,118
Katja Taimela "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Finland Proper 6,017
Jani Mäkelä "Finns Party "South-Eastern Finland 6,102
"Katja Hänninen "Left Alliance "Oulu 6,007
"Esko Kiviranta "Centre Party "Finland Proper 5,994
Antti Rantakangas "Centre Party "Oulu 5,960
"Ilkka Kantola "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Finland Proper 5,908
Juha Pylväs "Centre Party "Oulu 5,861
Antti Kurvinen "Centre Party "Vaasa 5,838
Ari Jalonen "Finns Party "Satakunta 5,753
"Markus Mustajärvi "Left Alliance "Lapland 5,743
"Kalle Jokinen "National Coalition Party "Tavastia 5,728
"Pauli Kiuru "National Coalition Party "Pirkanmaa 5,726
Ville Skinnari "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Tavastia 5,711
Niilo Keränen "Centre Party "Oulu 5,696
"Maria Lohela "Finns Party "Finland Proper 5,583
"Teuvo Hakkarainen "Finns Party "Central Finland 5,557
"Eva Biaudet "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Helsinki 5,515
Eeva-Maria Maijala "Centre Party "Lapland 5,515
"Timo Harakka "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Satakunta 5,497
"Aino-Kaisa Pekonen "Left Alliance "Tavastia 5,487
"Sinuhe Wallinheimo "National Coalition Party "Central Finland 5,483
Harri Jaskari "National Coalition Party "Pirkanmaa 5,471
Mikaela Nylander "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Satakunta 5,422
"Mirja Vehkaperä "Centre Party "Oulu 5,420
Anneli Kiljunen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "South-Eastern Finland 5,418
Satu Taavitsainen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "South-Eastern Finland 5,416
Ari Torniainen "Centre Party "South-Eastern Finland 5,412
"Arto Satonen "National Coalition Party "Pirkanmaa 5,339
Sami Savio "Finns Party "Pirkanmaa 5,270
"Kai Mykkänen "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 5,260
"Mika Lintilä "Centre Party "Vaasa 5,243
"Mats Löfström "Åland representative Åland 5,217
"Sirkka-Liisa Anttila "Centre Party "Tavastia 5,200
Mats Nylund "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Vaasa 5,189
Kari Kulmala "Finns Party "Savonia-Karelia 5,188
"Timo Korhonen "Centre Party "Oulu 5,180
"Nasima Razmyar "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Helsinki 5,156
Kimmo Kivelä "Finns Party "Savonia-Karelia 5,145
"Tom Packalén "Finns Party "Helsinki 5,089
Ilmari Nurminen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Pirkanmaa 5,079
"Martti Mölsä "Finns Party "Pirkanmaa 5,048
"Lenita Toivakka "National Coalition Party "South-Eastern Finland 5,028
Annika Lapintie "Left Alliance "Finland Proper 5,027
Joona Räsänen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Satakunta 5,024
"Susanna Huovinen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Central Finland 5,003
"Jyrki Kasvi "Green League "Satakunta 4,991
"Olli Immonen "Finns Party "Oulu 4,964
"Olavi Ala-Nissilä "Centre Party "Finland Proper 4,908
Merja Mäkisalo-Ropponen "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Savonia-Karelia 4,899
"Riitta Myller "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Savonia-Karelia 4,825
Markus Lohi "Centre Party "Lapland 4,793
Jukka Kopra "National Coalition Party "South-Eastern Finland 4,677
"Kauko Juhantalo "Centre Party "Satakunta 4,627
Saara-Sofia Sirén "National Coalition Party "Finland Proper 4,625
Harry Wallin "Social Democratic Party of Finland "Vaasa 4,608
Markku Eestilä "National Coalition Party "Savonia-Karelia 4,578
Sanna Lauslahti "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 4,576
Mari-Leena Talvitie "National Coalition Party "Oulu 4,556
"Wille Rydman "National Coalition Party "Helsinki 4,524
Ulla Parviainen "Centre Party "Oulu 4,523
"Pertti Salolainen "National Coalition Party "Helsinki 4,502
Maria Tolppanen "Finns Party "Vaasa 5,476
Marisanna Jarva "Centre Party "Oulu 5,347
Hanna Halmeenpää "Green League "Oulu 4,860
Pertti Hakanen "Centre Party "Pirkanmaa 4,709
"Emma Kari "Green League "Helsinki 4,647
"Krista Mikkonen "Green League "Savonia-Karelia 4,624
Markku Rossi "Centre Party "Savonia-Karelia 4,482
Jari Ronkainen "Finns Party "Tavastia 4,442
Olli-Poika Parviainen "Green League "Pirkanmaa 4,437
"Johanna Karimäki "Green League "Satakunta 4,341
"Eero Lehti "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 4,385
"Touko Aalto "Green League "Central Finland 4,326
"Mika Niikko "Finns Party "Satakunta 4,273
"Timo Kalli "Centre Party "Satakunta 4,215
"Ozan Yanar "Green League "Helsinki 4,196
Jari Myllykoski "Left Alliance "Satakunta 4,175
"Tiina Elovaara "Finns Party "Pirkanmaa 4,107
Sari Raassina "National Coalition Party "Savonia-Karelia 3,978
Martti Talja "Centre Party "Tavastia 3,941
Aila Paloniemi "Centre Party "Central Finland 3,861
Ville Vähämäki "Finns Party "Oulu 3,798
"Heli Järvinen "Green League "South-Eastern Finland 3,580
"Jaana Laitinen-Pesola "National Coalition Party "Satakunta 3,483
"Mika Raatikainen "Finns Party "Helsinki 3,370
Anders Adlercreutz "Swedish People's Party of Finland "Satakunta 3,337
Eero Suutari "National Coalition Party "Oulu 3,303
"Pirkko Ruohonen-Lerner "Finns Party "Satakunta 3,301
"Kari Uotila "Left Alliance "Uusimaa 3,152
"Susanna Koski "National Coalition Party "Vaasa 3,102
Petri Honkonen "Centre Party "Central Finland 2,978
Arja Juvonen "Finns Party "Satakunta 2,931
"Simon Elo "Finns Party "Satakunta 2,907
"Eerikki Viljanen "Centre Party "Satakunta 2,902
"Sari Tanus "Christian Democrats "Pirkanmaa 2,592
"Veera Ruoho "Finns Party "Satakunta 2,563
"Antero Laukkanen "Christian Democrats "Satakunta 2,520
"Matti Semi "Left Alliance "Savonia-Karelia 2,140
Source: Finnish Election Commission

Midterm replacements[edit]


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