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This is a list of places in "Iraq. "Governorates of Iraq lists the governorates, and "Districts of Iraq lists the subdivisions of those governorates.


Modern cities and towns[edit]

Iraq Map

Ancient cities and important ruins[edit]

Holy sites[edit]

Imam Husayn Shrine


Assyrian Christians constitute one of the most indigenous communities in the country. Iraq houses some of the most ancient early Christian material culture, including various churches and monasteries in Tikrit, Nineveh, Dohuk, and the Barwari Bala region. These sites include St. Hermiz and St. Matthew monasteries in the town of Alqosh, the churches of Mar Qayoma and St. George in the Assyrian village Dure in Barwar, St. Bnai Shmuni in Aradan, Sapna region, as well as St. Odisho in the village Dere, also in the Sapna region in Northern Iraq.


Other geographic features[edit]

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