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This is the "list of the "railway stations in "Molise owned by "Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, a branch of the "Italian state company "Ferrovie dello Stato.[1]



Station Locality "Province "Category
Baranello "Baranello Campobasso Bronze
Bojano "Bojano Campobasso Bronze
"Bonefro Santa Croce "Bonefro Campobasso Bronze
"Campobasso "Campobasso Campobasso Silver
"Campolieto-Monacilioni "Campolieto Campobasso Bronze
Campomarino "Campomarino Campobasso Bronze
Carovilli-Roccasicura "Carovilli Isernia Bronze
Carpinone "Carpinone Isernia Bronze
"Casacalenda-Guardialfiera "Casacalenda Campobasso Bronze
Isernia "Isernia Isernia Silver
"Larino "Larino Campobasso Bronze
Matrice-Montagano-San Giovanni in Galdo "Matrice Campobasso Bronze
Montenero-Petacciato "Montenero di Bisaccia Campobasso Bronze
Pescolanciano-Chiauci "Pescolanciano Isernia Bronze
"Ripabottoni-Sant'Elia "Ripabottoni Campobasso Bronze
Roccaravindola Roccaravindola Isernia Bronze
Sant'Agapito-Longano "Sant'Agapito Isernia Bronze
San Giuliano del Sannio "San Giuliano del Sannio Campobasso Bronze
San Pietro Avellana-Capracotta "San Pietro Avellana Isernia Bronze
Sepino "Sepino Campobasso Bronze
Sessano del Molise "Sessano del Molise Isernia Bronze
Sesto Campano "Sesto Campano Isernia Bronze
"Termoli "Termoli Campobasso Gold
Vastogirardi "Vastogirardi Isernia Bronze
Venafro "Venafro Isernia Silver
Villa San Michele Villa San Michele Isernia Bronze
Vinchiaturo "Vinchiaturo Campobasso Bronze

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