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This is a list of universities in Iceland.


Universities and colleges[edit]

No distinction is made between research universities and other tertiary colleges. Both types are referred to as "háskóli" locally.

Institution Foundation Location Type Number of Students
"Agricultural University of Iceland 2005 Hvanneyri Public
"Bifröst University 1918 Bifröst Private ~1,100
"Hólar University College 1106 Hólar Public
"Iceland Academy of the Arts 1988 Reykjavík Private ~452 (2009)
"Reykjavík University 1998 Reykjavík Private ~3,200 (2012)
"University of Akureyri 1987 Akureyri Public ~1,400 (2007)
"University of Iceland 1911 Reykjavík Public ~14,000 (2010)

Graduate schools[edit]

Defunct institutions[edit]

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