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London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid
""London Recruits, The Secret War Against Apartheid.jpg
Author Ken Keable
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject "Apartheid South Africa
Published "Pontypool
Publisher Merlin Press
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 348
"ISBN "9780850366556

London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid is a 2012 book edited and compiled by Ken Keable, with an introduction by "Ronnie Kasrils and a foreword by "Pallo Jordan. London Recruits: The Secret War Against Apartheid shares a title with the upcoming film London Recruits directed by Gordon Main.[1]



The book details the secret activities of foreign volunteers, especially from the "United Kingdom and the rest of "Western Europe, who worked covertly to assist the "African National Congress during "apartheid. Ronnie Kasrils a South African young communist, met with George Bridges, London Secretary of the Young Communist League in l967 and began the process of reviving the ANC presence in South Africa through propaganda. These volunteers were mostly young "communists, "socialists and "Trotskyists. The book reveals work done by volunteers, such as the transport of anti-apartheid leaflets and cassettes from "London to counter the South African government's own overseas propaganda machine. A number of the activists were students at the "London School of Economics and Political Science, including "Ronnie Kasrils.[2][3] Ronnie Kasrils subsequently became a leader of the armed struggle and a minister in Mandela's cabinet.


In the "Buffalo News the book was described as a series of 'revealing, firsthand accounts'[4] and was reviewed in the International Review of Social History from "Cambridge University.[5] The first film made about the Recruits was made by Disobedient Films' "Leah Borromeo and "Katharine Round for an exhibition called 'Disobedient Objects' at the "V&A Museum in London[6] while a talk on the book was held at the "Bishopsgate Institute.[7] A film of the book is being produced by Barefoot Rascals and should be previewed in 2018.["citation needed]


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